Chemical Explosion in Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum in Downtown Reno

During a demo exhibition of tornadoes presented to kids at the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum in downtown Reno, a chemical explosion took place all of a sudden leading to hurting children on their hands, arms, and faces. Such chemical shows are often being exhibited in the museum for the children visitors.

The incident happened at around 4:10 p.m. on Wednesday evening immediately after which the emergency crews were being commanded to attend for the rescue of the children. The chemical mishap has led to the injury of eight children and one adult who were being transported to a Reno hospital.

As told by the City of Reno spokesman Matthew Brown to The Associated Press that the accident was not an explosion, but a chemical flash and is “similar to if someone threw gasoline on a fire.” However, no further comment has been made on his part concerning this issue.

Brown further stated that four of the injured were provided immediate treatment right on the spot and Renown Regional Medical Center officials have expressed the possibility of only one child to be required to keep hospitalized overnight. However, he may also be sent home on Thursday.

According to the Reno police Officer Tim Broadway there were several children who were found injured due to the acid burn. The acids that caused the children to be injured, were methyl alcohol and boric acid as the mixture of these two acids is used to create a whirling tornado effect.

Mat Sinclair, executive director for The Discovery said, “Our primary focus right now is on Discovery patrons and their safety. All those affected by today’s incident continue to be in our thoughts and we are committed to determining the cause of this incident.”

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