Remains of missing Tennessee Woman Holly Bobo identified

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on Monday night stated that the human remains revealed in rural Tennessee are those of a nursing student who went missing from her home in April 2011. Authorities said that the remains of the missing student Holly Bobo were found on Sunday in the town of Parsons, close to her home, 110 miles east of Memphis. Bobo was about 20 years of age when she went missing.

To search for Bobo’s body hundreds of volunteers joined the law enforcement. The remains of the body parts were found in Decatur County in Tennessee near a land owned by the family of Zachary Rye Adams.

Adams has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo along with another man, Jason Autry. However, both of them pleaded of not being guilty.

The remains of Bobo were discovered just nine days after taking over of Keith Byrd as the sheriff of Decatur County, Tennessee. Byrd had earlier stated when taking office that bringing Bobo’s case to a close is one of his top priorities. However, Byrd said that he never believed the case would close so fast.

Byrd also discussed at a news conference on Monday on how Bobo’s parents are dealing with the news.

Byrd said, “The finding of her body was more of a relief than anything. They had already come to grips with the idea that she was dead.”

Witness statements from her brother said that Bobo went missing in 2011 from her home when a man in disguise took her to the woods near her home and he thought the man to be Bobo’s boyfriend by mistake.

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