Apple Watch first impressions

Apple Watch, the new smartwatch from Apple (AAPL) is likely to go on sale in early next year and Apple enthusiasts are hoping for more information about the product. Few lucky ones got this opportunity at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, CA on Tuesday where some demo units of the smartwatch were on display for tests.

According to the appearance of the watch and statements of the company representatives, here are some first-hand impressions of the gadget to check whether the gadget could become a must-have device like the iPhone and the iPad, for a mass audience.

Apple Watch is more like a portable computer that you can wear on your wrist. Along with telling you the time, the watch will help viewing phone alerts, enable you to send short messages, get directions as well as keep track of your physical activity and pulse rate.

The watch definitely has some impressive features, but this is not a sleek or an as competent device as most of us might have thought it to be. Besides, the gadget seems overpriced too.

It is apparent that Apple took great care to make the Watch suitable to the fashion industry. It will be available in two different sizes, seemingly for male and female wrists with three different case materials. Each of the two sizes will have two different finishes along with six different types and colors of straps to choose from.

However, the design of the Apple Watch is conventional and dull with its thick and fat shape, making it boring rather than a cutting-edge device.

Apple, however, has also paid lots of attention to consumer requirements and created features like tracking workouts and overall physical activity of users, like other smartwatches offered by its rivals. The watch will show alerts of any impending appointments too.

Besides, with Apple opening up the device for outside developers, it certainly has the potential to do more. Developers will be able to offer more features for the Apple Watch to suit their iPhone apps.

When Apple decided to open its iPhone to outside apps it helped in stimulating the popularity of the iPhone. This way many consumers would find their own personal apps suiting their purpose.

However, the device is not short of shortcomings. First issue with the watch is that it is not a stand-alone device and needs to be connected to an iPhone for all its important functions. This sheer fact is sure to limits its appeal. Even for those already using iPhones, the watch becomes nothing but an extra burden to carry along with the phone like an accessory.

Among other problems, the price of the Watch at $350 is a major one. Next is regarding the screen of the Watch, which generally remains off and to switch it on, you either need to press a button or raise the watch to your face, which is frustrating. Besides, the interface of the Watch has very tiny app icons, thereby making it difficult to perceive.

All such issues might make it impossible for users to embrace Apple Watch as a must-have product. But irrespective of all this, you also can’t deny the fact that Apple has a huge fan base, which might help the product reach maximum potential.

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