Changing Climate is to Affect Hundreds of Birds’ Species

Change in the climate is not only affecting the mankind, but the nature and other living beings are also hugely affected by it. The environment has a direct and indispensable role to play in the life of animals and birds and it is due to this intact relation, the change in climate is to leave abrupt effect on the birds.

According to a study conducted by the National Audubon Society (NAS), the birds’ are to be greatly affected and killed by the changing climate. The study has particularly mentioned about the 588 species of North American birds who will have to pay for the unwanted change in the climate.

The study elaborates that the climate will first affect the habitats of the birds. The climate is drastically changing and by the mid of 21st century it is going to show its adversities on the birds. With the forests decreasing in number, the trees being cut and the increasing population, the adversities of the climate like exorbitant heat or cold is going to affect the birds. The habitats of the birds are going to be smaller, and narrower leading them to look out for other options and shift to other places. This lack of space may one day lead them to decrease in number and they may thus extinct too.

The Baltimore oriole is mentioned to be extinct in the near future. Similarly, another species like the common loon will disappear from its habitat in Minnesota and northern hawk owl, three-toed woodpecker and the trumpeter swan may change its habitat to other open spaces.

In fact, as stated by the president of NAS, David Yarnorld, the threat to life is not only to those species of birds with fewer population but even the ones with many numbers too are within the danger zone.

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