Climate Change Attracts Attention of the Sensitive Mass across the World

People across the world have been seen lately being worried and curious about the changes taking place due to the climate transformation which have led big and impressive rallies to be brought out by people in huge numbers. However, a UN summit is to be held tomorrow in New York basing on the climate change issue.

The best thing about the rallies centering the climate change issue is that all walks of people right from the bureaucrats and the people in power to the one of lower strata are seen taking active part in these. The supporters of such rallies include names like UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and former US Vice-President Al Gore etc who were seen gathering and taking part in a march along Central Park in NY.

Ban Ki-Moon states, “Climate change is the defining issue of our time and there is no time to loseä. If we don’t take action now we’ll have to pay much more.”

Other cities like Rio de Janeiro and some others across Latin America have showed great response to the rallies with hundreds of people participating and chanting “change, change, change”. The organizers of the rally in Berlin wanted to make sure that unlike other issues, this burning issue does not get lost in crowd. Hence, one of the organizers Rene Schaar said, “We believe that the UN climate summit in New York is a crucial one. That is why we want to send a political message. We want to be heard and show the politicians that something has to be done for climate protection.”

In Belgium, it was declared car-free zone in the capital Brussels on Sunday in support to protest against climate change and thousands people were seen marching to the Foreign Affairs Ministry with an objective of to give a petition signed by one-and-a-half million people.

In Melbourne, Australia as well thousands of people took part in march and some of them took the rally forward to the Cairns Convention Centre where ministers and bankers are attending a G20 summit.

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