New Study Says Magnet Attracts Dolphin

A new study on dolphins has established that they get attracted to a magnet. Although this attraction between the dolphins and magnets is platonic, yet it seems that on being properly scrutinized some more revolutionary findings may be unveiled.

It was a French study on the dolphins which released its findings only on this Monday searching for results whether the dolphins are magnetosensitive. As it has already been proved by another study on the pigeons that the bird is magnetosenstive, the attention this time is diverted to the dolphins.

For conducting the study, six bottleneck dolphins were taken into consideration in order to examine their behavior on being brought into contact with magnets. The six dolphins were let to swim freely in water, keeping two barrels at a distance from them. One of the barrels was magnetized and the other demagnetized keeping them identical in form and density so that the dolphins do not get attracted to any of these basing on its size or shape. The result showed that the dolphins approached the barrel with neodymium magnet block rather than the other barrel. This could establish this fact that the dolphins are able to discriminate the two stimuli on the basis of their magnetic properties.

This also points to another side of the dolphin’s capability of navigating well in water, as it has magnetoreception-based navigation capacity. Similar to dolphins, pigeons too are said to have a good navigating quality and this is why, perhaps pigeons too are found to have magnetosensitive GPS cells in their brains.

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