Saturn’s Moon Mimas May Have a Liquid Ocean Inside

Scientists, after careful observation and much speculation of Saturn’s moon Mimas, have come to this conclusion that the wobbling content inside the planet is either a core shaped like a football or a liquid ocean.

The report of this study, as published on this Friday in Science journal, has stated the views of the researchers. On examining the movement of Mimas through the images captured by NASA’s Cassini satellite, the scientists could see the existence of a wobbling material inside the planet.

Radwan Tajeddine, Cornell University astrophysicist and lead author of the study, while speaking to Popular Mechanics, said, “It’s a bit like how you can figure out if an egg is hardboiled or raw just by spinning it. By watching the rotation, you can gain information on what’s inside.”

According to the scientists, the existence of either of the substances inside the wobbling planet will be good news for them. If it is a core then it may be a sort of fossilized remnant of the planet’s original shape, i.e., oblong with the outer layers surrounding it over the past 4 billion years or so. Speaking about the other speculation, it may be a liquid ocean based in some 15 miles under the surface. Although things are not yet clear but it will be amazing if it actually exists inside cold and barren Mimas.

There are contradictory points as well to prove the opinions of the scientists wrong. According to one such premise, Mimas is too cold to support liquid water inside it and there is lack of ice geysers in the planet. So, one cannot be so sure that the Mimas contains liquid ocean under its hard icy rocky surface.

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