Pasta is Good for your Health, new study claims

A new study has emerged, suggesting that moderate consumption of pasta is good for people’s health, as it is associated with lower chances of obesity, according to data coming from thousands of Italians that participated.

Pasta is part of the substantially studied Mediterranean diet, which is a way of eating, primarily based on fruits, vegetables, peas and olive oil, accompanied by poultry and fish, indisputably proven to be healthy for the heart.

Despite the Mediterranean diet’s popularity, pasta’s impact on human health was relatively unknown, until George Pounis, author of the paper, and his colleagues at IRCCS Neuromed in Pozzilli made some remarkable findings regarding the world’s favorite food.

Our data show that enjoying pasta according to individuals’ needs contributes to a healthy body mass index, lower waist circumference and better waist-hip ratio,” Pounis mentioned in a statement.

He further added, “We have seen that consumption of pasta, contrary to what many think, is not associated with an increase in body weight, rather the opposite,

The final results were based on two larger studies, where more than 23,000 Italians had taken place. The Moli-sani Project involved residents of the Molise region, south Italy, while the second one, dubbed Italian Nutrition and Health Survey, covered the entire country’s eating habits.

Moreover, the study does not specify the portion of pasta that one should not exceed on a daily basis, though inconsiderate consumption can result in additional weight.

The obese population was older and at lower socioeconomic status, had higher waist and hip circumferences and waist-to-hip ratio, and consumed more pasta [grams per day] than normal or overweight participants,” stated lead author Licia Iacoviello and colleagues, according to CNN’s respective report.

Iacoviello, who is head of the molecular and nutritional epidemiology laboratory at Neuromed Institute, claimed that individuals in the process of losing weight should not rule out pasta as an option for their daily diet.

She concluded by suggesting that the Meditteranean diet, in conjunction with moderate consumption of pasta, “is good for your health.

Via: News18

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