Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacked by OurMine group

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is the latest victim of a string of attacks against renowned names in the technology industry, claimed by OurMine hacking group.

The incident took place early Saturday morning, when the team of hackers posted a series of clips on the social network’s Vine video sharing platform, mocking Twitter for its various security issues.

OurMine, once they gained access to Mr. Dorsey’s account, posted a tweet on his profile mentioning, “Hey, its OurMine,we are testing your security”.

Twitter managed to resolve the issue within a forty-five-minute time frame, while it also erased all the tweets and clips that the group shared on the two platforms. Though, a few news outlets did manage to take screenshots of the now deleted content.

OurMine is known for conducting hackings of this particular nature, as in the recent past they had also hijacked former Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg Twitter profiles.

Furthermore, it was confirmed by Twitter itself that both Mr. Zuckerberg’s and Mr. Costolo’s profiles were hacked via a third-party app connected to their accounts, or through recycled and old passwords.

Reports coming in now regarding Saturday’s hacking, claim that that is what happened with Mr. Dorsey’s account as well, most likely via Vine.

If that turns out to be true, then the social networking giant’s authority will certainly be questioned, since Twitter itself in a press release stated that its servers were not compromised during the attacks, and therefore various data breaches from third party apps should be the culprit.

As far as the reason behind these coordinated attacks is concerned, OurMine’s motivations do not appear to be linked with any sort of hacktivism movements, such as Anonymous and alike.

Sources close to the matter suggest that this type of hacks could be regarded as pure vandalism.

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Joan Rivers’ Death Resulted Due to Several Errors in Medical Procedure

According to the reports of the state health investigators presented on Monday, Joan Rivers’ death was actually due to several errors in the medical procedure and the New York City clinic where she was being treated is mainly responsible for it.

The sole reason for the fatal complication in Rivers’ state and then getting unconscious has been stated as brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The clinic where she was treated not only failed in maintaining proper medical records of the comedian, but also it is found that the actor’s snaps were taken using a cell phone while she was unconscious.

The state Department of Health elaborated that the endoscopy record of the late 81 years old actor has revealed numerous deficiencies in her treatment. At the time of her death, the reason for her death was stated as a therapeutic complication. The Yorkville Endoscopy, later on, was asked to correct the deficiencies by the federal Department of Health and Human Services in order to retain its (the clinic’s) Medicare accreditation. It was also being provided with a date line until Jan. 7. In reply, Yorkville said that it is planning to correct the deficiencies and address the state and federal accreditation agencies, but also mentions that the physicians mentioned in the report are not working for the clinic anymore.

The errors done by the Manhattan clinic include conflicting amount of the sedation drug Propofol that she was administered, allowing a surgeon to perform two nose and throat scoping procedures who was not even a member of the medical staff, taking pictures of the actor using a cell phone by one of the staffs and a surgeon and some more.

Milk causes early death and doesn’t avoid bone fractures: Study

Milk is known to have healing properties and calcium that builds bones or even keeps them healthy. However, a study may indeed tarnish this belief. Sweden’s Uppsala University Researchers issued in the British Health publication that drinking more milk is not a sure-shot way to save people from bone fractures and may indeed even result in increased death percentage.

The report writers penned down, “Our result may perhaps question the validity of suggestions to consume higher amounts of milk to avoid fragility fractures”.

The research group that was headed by Profession Karl Michaelsson examined about 61,433 women and 45, 339 men for a period of about 20 years. They found out that drinking three milk glasses in routine did not change the odds for confronting bone fractures. In fact, girls who consumed 3 glasses of milk on daily basis had an increased danger of death that those who took 1 or less. The same is the case with men.

Additionally, men and women who took a lot more milk than other people showed increased levels of oxidative stress, which has been associated with cancer and heart diseases.

Even so, the same arrangement did not come out for other dairy products, which are deprived of a sugar found specifically in milk called as D-galactose.

Michaelsson said in a statement to Washington Post, “With fermented cheese the level of galactose is really low”. He also added, “Yogurt also has the probiotic impact of bacteria.”

However, it may not seem appropriate to give up drinking milk just yet. The research writers alert their outcomes need to “be interpreted cautiously given the observational style of our study.”
In a report issued a few days back, Mary Schooling, a City University of New York School Professor, mirrored these cautions, but stressed the value of analyzing the health advantages of taking milk.
She recorded. “As milk consumption may possibly rise globally with economic development and rising consumption of animal source foods, the function of milk and mortality requirements to be established definitively now”.

Milk prices in the states beat the previous year’s record, with the USDA anticipating a boost in drinking as decently. However, retail sales of dairy products coming from almonds, coconut milk, and rice are worth about $1.4 billion, expected to reach $1.7 billion in the year 2016.

US President Thinking of Opting For an “Ebola Czar”

Realizing the emergency and the need to pay proper attention to the affects Ebola can create in the US, the President Barack Obama has announced certain important decision and steps to be taken by him after a meeting with the top aides in the Oval Office.

As being stated to the reporters later, Obama says that he is thinking about appointing an “Ebola czar” who will be entitled to pay individual attention and monitor the disease, its affects and threat to the public health. His intention behind appointing a specific person for the disease is to make sure that the issue gets the required attention with adequate solution before its late.

Mr. Obama said, “It may make sense for us to have one person” focused solely on Ebola, “in part, just so that after this initial surge of activity, we can have a more regular process just to make sure that we’re crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s going forward.”

The meeting in the Oval Office was attended by advisers like Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Thomas Frieden, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and top counterterrorism aide Lisa Monaco. Further praising the efforts and the attempts of his advisors for preventing and curing Ebola, the President says, they’ve been doing “an outstanding job in dealing with what is a very complicated and fluid situation.”

Other than appointing the “Ebola Czar”, Obama also expressed his concern whether his government should follow a temporary ban on travel into the US from the West African countries like Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia in order to stop any Ebola patient enter the country.

However, while thinking something like that, Obama has also said, “If we institute a travel ban instead of the protocols that we’ve put in place now, history shows that there is a likelihood of increased avoidance. People do not readily disclose their information. As a result, we may end up getting less information about who has the disease. They’re less likely to get treated properly, screened properly, quarantined properly. And as a consequence, we could end up having more cases rather than less.”

Stop Relying on Painkillers for Healing Your Child’s Ailments

The habit of giving painkillers to children for immediate recovery from their pains like pain during an ear infection or fracture of hand or leg while playing, etc., is bad for the health of the child only. Physicians or parents who think painkillers only are the apt solution to relieve the child from the pain of his respective ailment is taking a wrong step indeed.

It has been published online on Monday by JAMA Pediatrics led by L. Charles Bailey at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that the pain killers are one of the strong factors leading to child obesity. During this study, records of about 65,000 children from 2001 to 2013 were being speculated and it showed that almost 70 percent of those children have received antibiotics at an age before two. The ones who have received only a few courses of the antibiotics or painkillers did not posses a higher risk of obesity and in fact, this risk is nil in case of those children who have taken no painkillers.

The children who have had courses of four or more painkillers during at zero to five months of age have 11 percent more chances to become obese. And those particular children who have taken more powerful antibiotics are prone to 16 percent more obese.

The researchers have, therefore, recommended that pediatricians and also the parents of the children should be selective while giving painkillers to their tots and the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics should be narrowed down.

Efforts of reducing the use of painkillers in the matters of child ailments have also been taken up by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Talk Therapy: Better Alternative to Medication

As found in a new study, it has been said that people suffering from social anxiety and depression, or any mental health disorders can be treated and cured very easily through talk therapy without the need to opt for medication.

Psychotherapy has lots to deal with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and hence, talk therapy can help in bringing a normal state of mind to those who are uncomfortable while communicating with the society or suffers from depression more often. In CBT, the negative thought patters are being pointed to the patient to make him identify and avoid these and bring more positive thinking in place of these. CBT has proven results of bringing positive changes in the psychological patients and is more often regarded as more important and better than the effect of medication. As medication also has chances of side-effects, CBT thus, is an apt option.

The author of the study Evan Mayo-Wilson stated, “Social anxiety is more than just shyness. People with this disorder can experience severe impairment, from shunning friendships to turning down promotions at work that would require increased social interaction. The good news from our study is that social anxiety is treatable. Now that we know what works best, we need to improve access to psychotherapy for those who are suffering. We need to improve infrastructure to treat mental health problems as the evidence shows they should be treated. We need more programs to train clinicians, more experienced supervisors who can work with new practitioners, more offices, and more support staff.”

There are a number of symptoms of this mental disorder called social anxiety or phobia. These include discomfort when there are people around; self-consciousness or embarrassment while talking with others, avoiding social gatherings or functions, blushing, trembling, sweating in front of new or multiple people, a continuous feeling, fear that others are judging them, etc. Such kinds of disorders occur to a person when he/she is mentally weak and need support and confidence to deal with such issues. Hence, medication is not the right solution to deal with such disorders and rather it is through a proper and friendly talk with them that they can be injected with some positive thinking.

A Healthy Life Regime is Must to Keep Heart Attack at Bay

According to a new study on the probability of a heart attack on men, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, there are chances of 80 percent of men to prevent the disorder by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. So, it can be said that the mantra for a long life is live healthier and live longer.

Living a healthy lifestyle means including everything like maintaining a good and reasonable weight, following a healthy diet everyday, making regular exercise a habit and avoiding bad habits like smoking and drinking. Hence, for a man to be determined to avoid heart attack will have to be determined to follow the basic requirements of a healthy living.

There is no doubt that science and medical therapy has advanced a lot today to make sure that diseases gets cured faster and with effect and this has showed a positive impact on death tolls due to heart diseases as well, but then one cannot deny the possible side effects of medication. If you can prevent being attacked by the heart diseases without taking any medication and without making a hole out of your pocket, then that is definitely more welcome than anything else. It is only through a healthy lifestyle that you can hope to find such great benefits.

It is found in the study that men who have combined a low-risk diet, follows a physical fitness regime and takes alcohol in a moderate amount are found to have 86 percent lower risk of heart attack.

According to Agneta Akesson, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, it was important to note that these lifestyle behaviors are modifiable, and changing from high-risk to low-risk behaviors could have great impact on cardiovascular health; however, the best thing one can do was to adopt healthy lifestyle choices early in life.

E-Cigarette: Increases Dependency on Nicotine Rather than Diminishing It!

Although cancer patients, who finds it tough to quit their smoking habits suddenly, opts for the e-cigarette in the hope of getting rid of the nicotine addiction but actually it works the other way on them. According to a recent study on the use of e-cigarettes published online by the journal Cancer, people gets more addicted to these cigarettes and nicotine rather than developing the habit of quitting it.

The main objective behind the introduction of the e-cigarette was actually to cut the habit of smoking heavily or regular of people and especially of the cancer patients. But now the new study conducted on some of the cancer sufferers found that rather than thinking about quitting smoking, they have been more dependent on these. Hence, the potential benefits of e-cigarettes have also come under doubts.

A study conducted on 1,074 cancer patients by Doctor Jamie Ostroff, of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York City and colleagues, have been able to find that there have a three-fold increase in e-cigarette use from 2012 to 2013 among such patients. And this has increased from 10.6 per cent to 38.5 per cent.

Dr Ostroff said, ‘Consistent with recent observations of increased e-cigarette use in the general population, our findings illustrate that e-cigarette use among tobacco-dependent cancer patients has increased within the past two years. Controlled research is needed to evaluate the potential harms and benefits of e-cigarettes as a potential cessation approach for cancer patients. In the meantime, oncologists should advise all smokers to quit smoking traditional combustible cigarettes, encourage use of FDA-approved cessation medications, refer patients for smoking cessation counseling, and provide education about the potential risks and lack of known benefits of long-term e-cigarette use.’

Also stated by the Washington Poison Center, children are found to be falling sick in massive number mainly because of smoking the liquid nicotine incorporated in the e-cigarettes.