UK PM David Cameron resigns on Wednesday, to be replaced by Theresa May

London, UK – Prime minister and leader of the Conservative party, David Cameron, has just announced that he will be relinquishing his position for the new PM to steer the nation through the negotiations that will ensue.

After the result of the June 23rd EU referendum came out, where the ‘leave’ side won the majority of the votes, Mr. Cameron clarified that he will be stepping down as the Prime Minister of Britain in October, where the party’s convention would take place to elect the new leader.

Though, circumstances have changed, since out of the two individuals competing for the position, the one has just dropped out.

That is Minister of Energy Andrea Leadsom, who received controversy from the public and from within the Conservative party for allegedly calling herself a more suitable candidate because, unlike her contestant, she is a mother.

Mrs. Leadsom issued an apology to her rival, Home Secretary Theresa May, who not only accepted it but also had never felt offended by the particular remark.

Despite the dispute being resolved peacefully, Mrs. Leadsom decided that with her current parliamentary support, it wouldn’t be wise to take over the party and subsequently become prime minister.

That ultimately left Mrs. May the sole contestant for the Conservative party’s leadership, leading to PM Cameron’s decision to expedite the period of transition.

Obviously, with these changes, we now don’t need to have a prolonged period of transition. And so tomorrow I will chair my last cabinet meeting. On Wednesday I will attend the House of Commons for prime minister’s questions. And then after that I expect to go to the palace and offer my resignation. So we will have a new prime minister in that building behind me by Wednesday evening,”  Mr. Cameron told the media outside 10 Downing Street on Monday.

Had Mrs. Leadsom hadn’t dropped out of the race, as aforementioned, the vote between the two contestants would be determined at the party’s convention in October, where 150,000 registered members would be eligible to cast their vote.

Via: Reuters

Court approves Apple $450M e-book settlement

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has garnered final approval from a U.S. court after agreeing to pay $450 million to consumers who have been harmed with the alleged conspiracy to raise e-book prices. Apple stands to pay up to $400 million to nearly 23 million consumers should they be found guilty of violating anti-trust allegations. The highly unusual accord was arrived at on the eve of the trial.

With this development, Apple can continue to appeal the July 2013 ruling tied up with the anti-trust violations. Apple is being accused for colluding with e-book publishers to drive up prices with the hope of waylaying rivals like

Apple had agreed to settle as early as June before the trial came out where about 33 states, territories and lawyers on behalf of some consumers were expected to seek up to $840 million in damages.

Under the agreement, Apple will be paying over $400 million to consumers plus and an additional $50 million to lawyers should the appeal be upheld. In the event that it would be overturned, the Cupertino-based company will owe only $50 million and $20 million to consumers and lawyers respectively. However a new trial may likely ensue.

The structured new deal was considered highly unusual by U.S. Judge Denise Cote although she understood why the plaintiffs agreed to the accord, given the delaying tactics on the side of Apple. The federal appeals court is scheduled to hear the appeal this coming December 15.

The e-book publishers tied up with the Electronic Books Antitrust Litigation case are Lagardere SCA’s Hachette Book Group Inc, News Corp’s Harper Collins Publishers LLC, Penguin Group (USA) Inc, CBS Corp’s Simon & Schuster Inc and Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH’s Macmillan.

Google to open $773 m data center in Netherlands

Google will be putting up a new data center over in Netherlands, worth approximately 600 EUROS ($773.6 million). The new data center will be situated at Eemshaven and will cover 44 hectares of space and at the same time bank on renewable energy to safeguard their servers.

The new data center will rely on the latest designs of cooling and electrical technology to keep their servers efficient, operating at 50% less energy compared to usual data centers. Google further bares that the facility is expected to be half operational by 2016 and fully functional come 2017.

The latest data center by Google will likewise open new career opportunities, creating more than 1,000 jobs for both full-time and contractual positions. According to Google, among the job openings would include IT technicians, electrical and mechanical engineers, catering, facilities and security staff.

The new data center will be the fourth one for Google. The company already has three large European data centers located in Belgium, Finland and Ireland. Eemshaven has a direct cable connection to two major European Internet hubs (London and Amsterdam), making it a perfect location as Google continues to expand its Internet coverage.

Apple’s HealthKit Release Delayed due to A Bug

As stated by the Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL), a bug found in its in its applications is creating real trouble for the manufacturer as they have not been able to release the HealthKit for health and fitness and iOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPads on time. As both, the fitness app and the OS are playing a major role in increasing the demand for the iOS devices, Apple has been suffering certain losses due to this bug.

A company spokesperson, on Wednesday, stated, “We’re working quickly to have the bug fixed in a software update and have HealthKit apps available by the end of the month.”

The HealthKit is designed to be a useful app for the users through which one can gather data such as blood pressure and weight and this can even be used by the doctors too for diagnosing a patient. Users can keep a check on their health on their own by having this app in the iOS device. This HealthKit is designed to be capable of collecting other information like monitoring the glucose amount in body by cooperating with other iPhone apps. Some other healthcare apps such as MyFitnessPal and Carrot Fit have also been connected with HealthKit andf for availing these users can but them from the app store.

However, MyFitnessPal stated its latest status through Reuters, saying, “The MyFitnessPal app, which supports integration with Apple’s HealthKit, was temporarily removed from the Apple Store this morning to address some minor issues. We are working with Apple on a solution and will have an updated version of the app, without the HealthKit piece (for the time being), back on the app store shortly.”

Although the bug issue is creating delay in the release of the HealthKit, Apple has been able to overcome with the issue related to the iOS 8 and the OS finally got released just two days before the launch of the latest iPhone handsets. The new OS has equipped many new features and updates.

A Glimpse of the iPhone 6 Before it is Unveiled

The date of the introduction of the iPhone 6 has been announced at last and the handset is to make its first public appearance on September 9. But just a few days before the d-day, knowing about its exclusive features and getting a beforehand idea about the phone is great fun.

Some of the best designed features of the iPhone 6 that has already been able to create a buzz are going to be the USP of the handset. One of them is that there will be a larger screen which may measure up to 4.7 inches. However, rumors also say that the display may be a 5.5-inch screen as well. However, the biggest and most interesting rumor regarding the display size of the iPhone is that Apple may release both the screen versions together and this has been appealing the Apple fans a lot.

The larger model, no doubt has created effective ripples in the tech market and what buyers are waiting for at this moment is for the iPhone 6 only. What is more, news is that along with the smartphone, the brand is to release a smart watch as well. They may also be accompanied by another phablet too, but the bean will be spilled only on September 9, before which there is no way out for the buyers rather than simply anticipating.

Galaxy Note 4 Concept Images Leaked

The images of Samsung’s upcoming flagship model Galaxy Note 4 have been leaked. The model in the queue would feature a three-sided display. According to the media reports, the model will be equipped with Youm display. The production of the new displays has already begun.

The flexible Youm display takes an edge over the traditional flat displays. The curved-down sides would be used for specific functions, such as unlock the phone by swiping on the right corner.

As more time is needed in the production of the displays, the company will supply limited numbers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The company has hinted that there will be three models of the Note 4. Only a limited number will come with a Youm display. There would be a version of the Note 4 with flexible displays, just like the Samsung Galaxy Round. The third version will come with the usual flat displays.

Some of the specifications put forward by rumor mill include a 5.7-inch display, 16 MP camera, and up to 64 GB onboard storage and support for microSD cards up to 128 GB. The processor of the model will be either 2.5 Ghz or 1.3 Ghz. Nothing is confirmed upon the brand, it may be of Snapdragon or Exynos brand. The concept images reveal covered USB port. It also hints that the model will be water resistant.

A Swarm of 1,000 Little Robots, Able to Form any Shape are Built by the US Engineers

This is amazing and is equally justifiable too, that a team of engineers in the US have come up with something brilliant like a swarm of 1000 littler robots. The specialty of these little robots is that these can form any shape as commanded to them. These robots only need to see a picture of the required shape and then they work in collaboration with each other to make the perfect shape.

The robots take a maximum of 12 hours for finally presenting the shape that is being commended them to make. Although this is a pretty long time, but then their numbers will also have to be taken into concern. Forming a shape out of 1000 robots too is incredible.

Dr Michael Rubenstein, the first author of the study who published it in Science says, “Each robot is identical and we give them all the exact same program. The only thing they have to go on, to make decisions, is what their neighbors are doing.”

The little robots are 3cm across and are cylindrical which is similar to the size of a sushi roll. These are being made inspired by the formation of cells in living beings which forms organs. The similarities are also found with the ants, which together with hundreds of its companions form a bridge. The team of Dr Rubenstein and his colleagues at Harvard University has named these robots as “Kilobots”. Each of them looks exactly the same as another.

The robots are provided with a large wooden square which the same as that of snooker table for forming the shapes and each of them has three legs. These also use to have an infra-red light over their head through which they communicate with one another and for catching the signal an infra-red sensor is being placed on each robot’s underside.

China blocks 11 Apple gadgets for “security concerns”

A major ban on the purchasing of Apple products using public money was recently implemented in China, according to government officials familiar with the matter.

Apparently, China stripped off all Apple iPads and Macbooks from the list of products approved for government use because of security concerns. Aside from the two products, Apple’s iPad mini, the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro were likewise omitted from the from a final government procurement list disseminated in July. Specifically, eleven gadgets of Apple were officially banned from the said list.

The said products were still on the list till June.

Apple’s iPhone was exempted from the banned gadgets since smartphone purchases were not included in the said list.

The company’s major ban in China could greatly affect Apple in terms of business and consumer purchases. The Californian technology company relied on China for 16pc of its sales in the third quarter.

The Apple-ban in the country might directly affect the company’s sales. There’s a possibility for Apple’s sales to fluctuate.

The out-of-the-blue move of China to ban the Apple made the US-based company the latest company banned by the said country. Earlier, China removed Microsoft Windows 8 from government purchases. The country also warned their consumers to stop buying antivirus software from Russian firm Kaspersky Lab and US firm Symantec Corp.

In lieu, America has also cautioned government contractors regarding the consumption of gadgets made by ZTE and Huawei, the telecommunications firms, effectively crossing them out in the list of companies US can deal business with.

Both countries have been pinpointing one another, accusing each other of spying about this and that.
“The Chinese government wants to make sure that overseas companies shouldn’t have too much influence in China,” emphasized Mark Po at Hong Kong’s UOB Kay Hian.

Facebook launches free internet access in Zambia

With its website accessibility enterprise, Facebook is extending free internet access to poor and developing nations, starting from Zambia. Facebook is partnering with a telecommunication service provider, Airtel, to provide free internet service to people in Zambia, although their free internet access will be limited to accessing Facebook, Messenger, Google search, and Wikipedia sites, and it sure does provide access to essential online resources like health, weather, women’s rights, and employment portals.

Facebook’s internet initiative will be available via its Android and web app for growing nations, and the service will be accessible through the features operative in most phones in Zambia or via a downloaded standalone Facebook Android app. Zambians only need to pay for pre-paid data services to browse the internet, but the aforementioned services under Facebook’s initiative remain free.

This free internet access to essential online communication resources is commendable, and will definitely boost economic and communication growths in developing nations. Ability to chat with friends using Messenger, or post personal and business updates via Facebook will be a great boost for individuals and organisations within developing nations like Zambia, and the opportunities to use health, weather, and employment resources free will sure do wonders for everyone within and outside a given community in the country.

This free internet access is expected to take off anytime in Zambia, and it is expected that every Zambian should welcome the opportunity with open arms. Other poor or developing countries might expect that enterprise solutions for accessing limited web resources free of charge might soon reach them, and Mark Zuckerberg is sure leading the pack in this economic effort.

T-Mobile CEO takes on AT&T over latest family promotion products

The CEO of T-Mobile has accused AT&T of rip-off with its “best-ever pricing for families” promo which is targeted at families of four, and countermanded with his firm’s Simple Choice Family Plan also targeted at a family of four. John Legere states that AT&T’s $160 plan for families of four does not worth the investment and a total rip-off when compared to his own firm’s offer of $100 for a family of four with the added benefits of 2.5MB for each family member on the fastest 4G network over a month period, which equates to a total saving of $60.

If you are ever familiar with AT&T’s Verizon Wireless promo tagged “best ever deal for families”, then you’d find the latest offering from T-Mobile, an interesting challenge to the mobile giant.

AT&T offers a family of four a deal worth $160 to enable them make calls and send text messages at a reduced cost, but T-Mobile is challenging this $160 deal as useless and a rip-off for a family of four, and countermanding this deal with its own offering of unlimited talk and text services, and a data bundle of 10GB on the fastest 4G LTE network for a paltry $100 for a family of four – and this breaks down to 2.5MB of data on the fastest 4G network for each four members of a family at reduced costs – compared to what AT&T offers its customers through its “best-ever pricing for families” deal.

The CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere states that he finds AT&T’s offer very funny and mocks the idea behind it, saying it is laughable. In his words, “their deal is no deal at all, and next to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Family Plan, AT&T’s Best-Ever Pricing for Families is a joke.”

When comparing his company’s Simple Choice Family Plan of $100 for a family of four that covers talk, SMS, and a combined 10MB data on the world’s largest 4G LTE network, he added that AT&T’s deal is a load of crap because includes “domestic overages, international roaming fees, hidden device subsidy costs, and on and on.”

And in case you don’t understand the Maths behind this, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere goes further his own company’s offer provides families with a saving of $60 over a month’s period for a family of four, and the equates to over $1,440 in two years when compared to what his competitor is offering for family consumers. “It infuriates me that they’re selling this to hardworking families who could use that money for more important things, and they have the nerve to call it ‘best-ever pricing’. I just couldn’t stand by without speaking up and calling them on their BS.”

AT&T is yet to respond to John Legere’s comments, but we shall stand by to see what ensures and how this translates to cost-saving mobile usage for individual and family consumers.

Amazon launches Kindle unlimited at $10

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) declared on Friday that its Kindle is now available with a subscription option of unlimited e-books download for $9.99 a month. It is a Netflix style service that allows the readers to browse through a library of over 600,000 e-books.

In the beginning of the week, Amazon accidentally shared a promotional video for the subscription model. Technology freaks spotted it before the company took it down from the website.

On Friday morning as the service was launched, some notable books were missing. This means the complete range of books is not available yet. The subscribers who wish to read Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” or Laura Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken” won’t be able to see them. The books with an orange “Kindle Unlimited” icon can be downloaded free.

The popular titles available are “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” Michael Lewis’s “Flash Boys,” and “The Hunger Games.”

With the new plan of action, Amazon is trying to combat with the similar service providers, such as Oyster that features a collection of over 500,000 titles, and Scribd that has about 400,000 titles. While the former charges $10 a month to access all of them, the latter gives unlimited access for about $9 a month.

Amazon takes an edge over the rivals by providing a huge audiobook library along with the e-books in the subscription service. The owner of Audible has about 2,000 digital audio titles in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon uses Whispersync Voice technology to let the subscribers toggle between digital audiobooks and e-books, without getting lost.

In the words of Russ Grandinetti, a Kindle senior vice president, Kindle Unlimited was “by far the most cost-effective way to enjoy audiobooks and e-books together.”

The Association of American Publishers revealed in a recent report that income from digital audiobooks is growing quarterly at a rate of over 24 percent.