Iraqi authorities revamp security in Baghdad to prevent terrorist bombings

Following a car bombing that left 15 dead and 42 wounded, the Iraqi government is overhauling security operations in the capital city of Baghdad to stop the incessant bombing activities from ISIS terrorists.

Militants from the Islamic State have incessantly pounded the Baghdad with car bombings in recent times in a way that beats the imagination of the local and federal police agents, and in a manner that is starting to frustrate the government.

The Islamic State militants have targeted the district of Gorayaat, a Shiite neighborhood on a bend in the Tigris River, for months with barrages of gunfire, car bombings, suicide attacks, rocket and mortar fires, as well as direct assaults.
The manner and success with which the attacks are being carried out is starting to show the security incompetence of the central government to protect the people of Gorayaat and Baghdad as a whole.

After any particular car bombing, police and soldiers swarm the streets of Gorayaat to secure the district, and they check people’s id’s and make non-residents to account for their presence. They also secure checkpoints in a flurry of activities that wear off after a day or two, and then they go back to their normal beats.

A resident, Idris Jawad, says “that goes on for one or two days, then it’s back to normal and we wait for the next bombing.”

In the face of these car bombings and suicide attacks, the government is now resolved to revamp its security measures to respond appropriately to these attacks as well as nab the operators overseeing the dozens of terrorists’ cells within Baghdad.
The government is planning on moving away from reliance on concrete blast walls and police checkpoints to beefing up security intelligence networks for the police and other security agencies. Police intelligence units have been understaffed and underfunded since the ouster of Saddam Hussein in 2003, and intelligence and officials of the Interior Ministry think it is high time they overhauled the unit.

The government is considering many ways to boost internal intelligence networks for the police, and part of these might be recruiting informers from local residents to report on suspicious behavior and activities in the neighborhood.

President Erdogan of Turkey says women aren’t equal to men

At the recently concluded Women and Justice Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spared no words or even economized with the truth when he stated that women are not equal to men and should be treated differently.

“You cannot put women and men on an equal footing. It is against nature.” President Erdogan also condemned feminists or career-minded women for rejecting motherhood and scorning their position in the home. He tasked women to appreciate the blessing of being a woman and to embrace the roles and duties that come with the gender.

He also cautions men to be careful in how they treat their women at home, as well as superiors on how they deal with subordinate pregnant women in workplaces. “In the workplace, you cannot treat a man and a pregnant woman in the same way,” and this according to the Turkish leader is because women have “delicate nature” that makes it impossible to do the same tasking jobs as men.

“Their nature is different. Their constitution is different. Some people can understand this, while others can’t.” The president therefore asks that while women may not be treated as equal to men, an equivalent form of treatment can be given to them in a way that shows deep respects for them.

He asked that men everywhere learn to respect their wives and female counterparts and deal with them based on their delicate nature, or as the Bible would put it, as “weaker vessels”.

Al-Shabab shoots dead 28 passengers in Kenyan bus attack

Heavily armed Al-Shabab gunmen staged an attack on a passenger bus headed for Nairobi outside the town of Mandera, near Kenya’s border with Somalia and Ethiopia, where 28 passengers were ordered down from the bus and then shot dead. Police authorities confirm that 19 men and nine women were killed before the attackers fled into Somalia.

The gunmen asked the passengers to recite Quranic verses after asking them to disembark from the bus, and while three persons were spared from death after reciting portions of the Quran, the 28 others that could not do so were shot dead at the spot. Al-Shabab men had ambushed the bus at the spot of the crime before carrying out their dastardly act.

The spokesman for Al-Shabab, Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, in a statement confirmed the group carried out the killing. “The Mujahideen successfully carried out an operation near Mandera early this morning, which resulted in the perishing of 28 crusaders, as a revenge for the crimes committed by the Kenyan crusaders against our Muslim brethren in Mombasa.” Christians are often described by Islamic militants as “crusaders” or “Zionists.”

This crime gives authorities an idea into incident that occurred earlier this week, where the police had shot dead a man and arrested about 376 when intelligence indicated that the militants were using four mosques in the city to stash weapons and recruit militants.

David Kimaiyo, the Inspector General of Police stated that “Preliminary reports indicate that the attackers, who were heavily armed, later fled toward the border into Somali.”

Relatives of the bus attach victims were seen crying disconsolately when bodies of their loved ones arrived the Chiromo mortuary in Nairobi, Kenya.


Frenchman in killing video identified, over 1,000 Frenchmen fighting in Syria

The French government has identified the second Frenchman in the latest video detailing the killing of a US aid worker, Peter Kassig, also known as Abdul-Rahman Kassig following his capture last year. The UK has identified a British citizen dubbed Jihadi John for his role in the beheading of fellow British nationals and US citizens for Islamic State; but France has also identified about two Frenchmen in the said videos, Maxime Hauchard and Mickael Dos Santos, 22.

French authorities identified both nationals and tracked their histories in France before joining IS jihadists to fight in Syria and Iraq. Originally of Portuguese origin but born in the French town of Champigny-sur-Marne, Dos Santos converted to Islam and then left for Syria in the autumn of2013. He published a video in October asking “all brothers living in France” to “kill any civilian” as remedy for the airstrikes France carried out against the Islamic State militants in Iraq. French intelligence services have been monitoring him since then but only learned he is now in the security of his evil comrades killing innocent prisoners in Syria and Iraq.

The French government believes about 1,000 French jihadists are fighting for IS in Syria and Iraq, and expressed regrets that “close to 50” French nationals had died in Syria. According to the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, “Sadly, we are not surprised to learn that French citizens or residents of France are found at the heart of these cells and taking part in this barbarity.” Le Monde media actually believes over 1,100 French citizens may be fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq, with over 375 involved in active action on the frontlines.

Maxime Hauchard is a Muslim convert from Normandy. But France is reputed to have the largest Muslim community in western Europe outside of Russia, and is believed to provide the largest number of fighters joining the ISIS jihadists to unleash terror in Syria and Iraq.

4 die and 1 hospitalized as Texas chemical plant leaks hazardous gas

Aaron Woods, the spokesman for DuPont revealed that four workers lost their lives and another got hospitalized after breathing in toxic gas from a leaking chemical plant in Houston, Texas. Identified as methyl mercaptan, the chemical gas is used to manufacture insecticides and fungicides among other crop-protection products, and it is also used to odorize odorless natural gas for safety purposes.

According to health authorities, a valve at the DuPont industrial plant began leaking hazardous chemical methyl mercaptan around 4 am, but even though the leak was rectified and the gas release contained by 6 am, four workers within the premises had lost their lives to the unfortunate incident and another hospitalized. The immediate cause of the gas leak could not be immediately ascertained, but authorities are still investigating this – it should only be noted that more lives could have been lost if more workers were within the facility at the time the gas leak occurred.

According to Randall Clements, the plant manager, “there are no words to fully express the loss we feel or the concern and sympathy we extend to the families of the employees and their co-workers. We are in close touch with them and providing them every measure of support and assistance at this time.” DuPont has not identified the hospitalized gas victim or provided the names of the deceased workers.

The US Chemical Safety Board has dispatched a seven-man team to investigate the incident, and the plant manager, Clements, has vowed that DuPont will cooperate with local, state, and federal agencies to get to the bottom of the matter. He even stated that “as part of that investigation, we are conducting our own top-to-bottom review of this incident and we will share what we learn with the relevant authorities.”

320 DuPont employees worked at the La Porte plant facility, and four other businesses rented out some space at the complex, but Jeff Suggs, an emergency management coordinator for La Porte specified that that the gas smells like rotten eggs and that it was not toxic for residents living nearby, even though the odor from the gas leaks has travelled to about 40 miles away.

West Virginia university’s student dies at fraternity house after tweeting a message

Whether 18-year old Nolan Michael Burch, a freshman at the West Virginia University, knew he was going to die soon or aware of incidents that could result in his death remains for the police in Morgantown to solve, but the young man died a few days after tweeting a message and then being found unconscious at a fraternity house.

Burch had sent out a tweet saying “it’s about to be a very eventful night to say the least,” and then he died two days later after being taking to a hospital in an unresponsive state. He was also reported to have said in another tweet, “if you’re reading this, congratulations, you made it today. You made it.”

While Burch’s death remains a mystery that police are trying to solve, the team of police that arrived at the Kappa Sigma house in Morgantown on an alcohol-related call found someone performing CPR on him, and there were reports that other friends at the fraternity house party had challenged the late Burch into drinking large amount of liquor. No arrest has been made yet and no charges filed, but school authorities closed all frat and sorority activities in the school.

Burch was taken for treatment at Ruby Memorial Hospital before his death, and according to a source, “I can tell you that about 24 people were crowded into his hospital room singing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” not long before he died.” However, the family source further informed that Burch’s parents, Theron and Kimberly Burch remain shaken at the incident. “They’re just numb right now. They have donated his organs and are proud of that.”

Joyce Stamp, Burch’s great-aunt expressed shocks that “these things shouldn’t happen. He’s only 18. He’s a nice young man and I’m shocked.” But then she later added that “even very intelligent kids sometimes get caught up. You hear all the stuff about hazing, and this is his first time away from home.”

West Virginia University’s President E. Gordon Gee released a press release that “the outpouring of love and support from his friends and this community has been what you would expect from Mountaineers, and I would ask that you continue to keep the Burch family and many friends in your thoughts and prayers.”

The school authorities had suspended the activities of the Morgantown chapter of Kappa Sigma over violations of fraternity’s codes of conduct and its charter withdrawn and operations closed, friends and other WVU students continue to express shock at Burch’s death and urge the police to get to the root of the incident.

Fourth Casino in Atlantic City Closed Down- This Time its Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino

The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino is the fourth casino so far to be shut down in this year in the Atlantic City. It is due to a downturn in their business that this casino along with three other casinos of the city had to choose to hang the lock outside their doors. Its poor performance led it to be ranked amongst the last ones of the city’s casinos.

It was on May 14, 1984 when the doors to this majestic casino was being opened by its owner Donald Trump for whom it was the finest building in Atlantic City, and possibly in the entire nation. But unfortunately, the Donald cut its ties with the casino since then. However, the Trump Plaza was one of the finer casinos of the city with many gamblers having good and bad times in it.
On its closing day, i.e., on the early half of Tuesday, spectators could see only a few of the gamblers being the last visitor to the casino and coming out passing those slot machines and the dozens of beautiful chandeliers. It was a last time feel for them and also, the last feel for the casino and its stuff to have guests in it.

With the closing of this fourth casino and three other earlier this year, almost 8,000 workers lost their job in the Atlantic City. There may be a bad news waiting for another 3000 workers working in Trump Plaza’s parent company the Trump Taj Mahal Casino resort as well which also has probability of being shut down in the coming November this year.

Dealer Ruth Hardrick who had been working at the Trump Plaza for 26 of its 30 years is now jobless and expressed her grief and worry saying, “What’s the next step? Where do we go from here? It’s happening all over. A lot of us are in the same boat. You think something will come along (to save the casino). And it didn’t.”

What’s left in the Atlantic City now are only eight casinos out of the 12 with which the city began this year.

Kanye West Stopped Concert and Misunderstood Two of His Fans for Not Standing Up

Kanye West is in a musical tour to Australia this month and during one of his concerts in Sydney on Friday night, the wrapper made news for asking his fans to stand up and dance while he sings. He first asked all his fans to stand up and on finding two of the audiences still sitting he insisted them to stand up or else he would stop the concert.

Kanye told the crowd: “I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t.”

When Kanye found two of the audiences still sitting in spite of his request to all to stand up and dance, Kanye misunderstood them as underestimating him. This led him to even say that he will not be carrying on the show until and unless the two stands up. It was all due to a misunderstanding that Kanye made such an announcement because he later on had to carry the show on for misunderstanding the two of their abilities.

Both the audiences sitting in the concert were handicapped, sitting on wheelchairs. On him addressing the two fans and asking them to stand up, one of them, a woman raises and waves her prosthetic limb in the air and the other was also seen to be sitting on wheelchair. On realizing his mistake, Kanye had to follow quickly saying, “Okay, you fine.”

Following this incident, Kanye continued his performance and delivered his song “Good Life”.

One Solar Storm Hits Earth and Another Expected

Two solar storms that were being expected to hit earth in the form of a coronal mass ejection (CME) arising from a solar flare have proceeded on its way with one of them already hitting the planet on late Thursday. So, as the anticipation about the first solar storm came true, it is time that the planet get ready for the arrival of the other solar storm as well.

The NOAA’s Space Prediction Weather Center based in Boulder, Colo stated, It “made its appearance right on time.” It further announced, “A G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm Watch is still in effect for September 13th due to the combined influence of this CME and the one projected to arrive late on the 12th.”

However, the matter to worry at this pointy is the arrival of the second solar storm which is said to be even stronger than the first and has already launched from the sun on Wednesday afternoon. It is expected to hit the earth by late Friday or Saturday which may lead to outcomes like fluctuations in Earth’s power grid and little disturbances in satellites and radio transmissions.

As monitored by forecaster Chris Smith in his screens of the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colo; two eruptions on the sun could be noticed this week. The display at the centre also highlights the impacts of the solar storms on the living being of the planet. It shows that the solar radiation of these storms may be harmful for both man and the machines in space. So, basing pn this information, the forecasters have warned the astronauts that they should use shielded shelter while being in the space.

Although there may not be major disturbance due to the solar storms, this solar flare is being classified as an “X-class” flare, which is at the high end of the solar flare scale. As a side effect of the solar storm the photogenic aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, across Canada and the northern U.S has expanded.

Joan Rivers is No More!

Joan Rivers has left the mortal body at the age of 81. Rivers had been on life support since a few days preceding a sudden cardiac arrest last week in New York.

The famous actor, comedian was admitted in the Mount Sinai Hospital, and died on Thursday when she stopped breathing during a procedure on her vocal cords. A favorite comedian of many, a jovial beautiful lady, Joan Rivers’ absence from the showbiz and from this world will be deeply felt by all.

Her daughter Melissa, who was there with Rivers during her last days says that Rivers has left her last breath in the presence of all her loving family members and friends. Melissa also passed her gratefulness to the hospital staff who, according to her are worthy of appreciation for their “amazing care”.

Melissa says, “My mother’s greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon.” The witty actress was working and tickling people till her last days as very recently she was hosting the E! Network’s Fashion Police, a program in which she rates, praises and even criticize the red carpet celebrities for their fashion and style sense.

Joan with her only daughter Melissa, had a TV show together named Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? She had many witty moments to count about and many fellow comedians and actors would be there who praises her open heartedly and now miss her absence. She was a lady of true humor and would even never hesitate in making jokes on herself. In fact, it is on her plastic surgery as well that she had made jokes.

Gates for the Burning Man is Reopened on Tuesday

The gates of the Burning Man festival were at last reopened for the festival goers after it got washed out by a rain storm on Monday. The annual festival of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert is a famous festival with thousands of fan followers and the unexpected closing down of the gates on Monday for the natural calamity was enough to shut down the moods of the enticed public.

Thanks to the improving weather that the gates for the festival could be opened on Tuesday morning, which would otherwise have been declared a closed ceremony right on its opening day, i.e., on Monday.

The major attraction of the festival is the dry lake bed based 110 miles north of Reno called the Playa and this place has been drawing thousands of fans who can also be named as “burners” every year. So, just as scheduled, the festival opened its gate for the public at 10:00 in the morning on Monday, but had to shut the gates again due to the fear of storms and the standing of water on the Playa after the rain.

A spokesman of the festival, called Jim Graham, sated, “Black Rock City has shut down following rainstorms that left standing water on the Playa, leaving it un-drivable.”

Thankfully and much to everybody’s delight, the Burning Man gates are re-opened now, right since 6:00 in the Tuesday morning. Festival goers with vehicles being allowed to enter into the venue through Highway 34 northeast of Gerlach.

The rising popularity and the exclusiveness of the event have made it quite a dear festival for all with its tickets hard to be available in a wide range. The prices for the tickets started at $380 and much to its fans’ surprise and out of affordability it went up to $1,000 very soon.

Speaking about the availability and high demand for tickets, Jim Graham says, “We’re telling people to factor in some waiting time if they have tickets at will call because a lot more people used will call than in past years.”

Miracle but Possible: Two Ebola Patients Have Recovered From the Disease!

An American doctor, Dr. Kent Brantly and his fellow medical missionary, Nancy Writebol, who were being infected by the virus of Ebola disease while working with Ebola victims in Liberia, are now free from the virus! This indeed, is a miraculous day for the two who have now been able to come into contact with others, primarily with their doctors and family after a session of great care, medication and danger from the disease.

Dr. Brantly is finally allowed to leave his isolation after treatment and medication of a unit of doctors at Emory University Hospital. The first thing that the recovered patient did on being announced to be free from the disease is giving warm hugs and handshakes to all his doctors and nurses. The process of his treatment took one long month and now he says that he feels great to be alive.

Expressing his joy, Dr. Brantly said, “I am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family.”

Dr. Bruce Ribner, who runs the infectious disease unit at the hospital and who cured the two Ebola victims have announced that the patients are totally free from the disease and there is no fear for anybody coming into contact with them.

It was their charity organizations Samaritan’s Purse and SIM who reached out to the top infectious disease experts seeking treatment for the two when Brantly, 33, and Writebol, 59, were found infected with the virus. There are only five courses of an experimental drug known as Zmapp are available worldwide and they opted for one out of those for the two victims. The drug was being split between Dr. Brantly and Writebol and the rest of the four were being provided to a Spanish priest and three doctors in Africa. The priest, unfortunately, could not survive and the three doctors are improving.

Some Parents find it Better Not to Disclose their Baby’s in Facebook

A group of parents are noticed lately, who prefers to keep the images and every other detail about their baby away from the Facebook. Unlike some other parents, relatives and grandparents who are flaunting the new addition to their family in the social media sites, some particular parents are really particular about their babies and do not want the world know the whereabouts and the look of their little ones.

These parents are totally against uploading the pictures of their baby in the social media website and there are several reasons varying from one parent to another for this. According to some, they want to keep their babies away from the eyes of the outside world as too much exposure to it may pose as a threat to the baby and its safety. As the Facebook is a vast medium, letting any and every kind of people to peep into the profile of others, exposing the baby to all may not be good for its safety.

A parent, Sonia Rao, living in Mountain View, California says, it is “a little uncomfortable” to release the pictures of her baby in the site. She is the mother of a 1-year-old. She further adds, “I just have a vague discomfort having her photograph out there for anyone to look at. When you meet a new person and go to their account, you can look them up, look at photos, videos, know that they are traveling.”

Another parent, Scott Steinberg who is a St. Louis-based business and technology consultant and has more than 4,800 Facebook friends also says, “I have a no tolerance policy. If I don’t want somebody to know about my child, to take an active interest in them, to recognize them in a city street or as they are leaving the schoolyard, the easiest way to do that is to not have any identifying information out about them.” He shares no photos, videos or any information about his child.

For some parents, the privacy of their baby matters a lot. They do not want to let people know how their baby looks and what it is up to. According to them, once their little ones will grow big enough to handle the Facebook on their own, they themselves will decide what pictures of them to be posted and which not.

NASCAR Makes New Strict Rules for Drivers

From now on, according to the strict rules set by NASCAR, no driver will be allowed to get out of his car and approach other vehicles following accidents. NASCAR this time, is strict on its rules and will even charge penalty on such drivers who disobeys it.

The vice president of competition Robin Pemberton, on being asked if the implementation of rules is due to the death of Ward, said that the tragedy is kept in mind while making these revised policies. He also stated, “Through time you have to recognize when you get a reminder or tap on the shoulder, something that may need to be addressed. This is one of those times where we look outside our sport and we look at other things, and we feel like it was time to address this.”

It is the death of Kevin Ward Jr., who was struck on the track by Tony Stewart in a sprint car race, after which NASCAR is not willing to take any more risks and is making sure that probable safety measures are played on its part.

According to the new guidelines, a driver, following an accident or wreck is asked to take the following steps:

The driver will shut off electrical power of the vehicle, and if he is uninjured, will lower the window net.

The driver will not let loose the personal safety equipment or disconnect it until and unless he is not directed to do so by the safety personnel or a NASCAR official.

Once the driver is asked to exit the race car, he will either have to proceed towards the ambulance, to another vehicle or to another place as directed by safety personnel.

The driver is not allowed to approach any portion of the racing surface or another moving vehicle.

US government shifts attention to fraudulent subprime car loans

Sensing complicity on the part of auto loan companies to offer subprime auto loans to customers with bad credit ratings in total disregard of standard procedures, the US federal government is beaming its searchlights on auto loan financiers to determine their level of frauds and to see how they have been able to beat the system in violating the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act, also known as Firrea.

The civil inquiry begun by federal prosecutors is on the supposition that fraudulent auto loans for subprime customers are committed on the basis of false information provided on borrowers’ loan application forms. Many auto loan applicants have given wrong and misleading information about their incomes and employments, and this has served as the basis upon which they had secured fraudulent auto car loans.

Federal prosecutors are also working on the basis that several auto loan lenders have neglected to strictly adhere to financial and regulatory standards provided under the Firrea Act, thereby making it possible for auto loan applicants to get away with claims. The office of the US attorney is therefore subpoenaing several auto lenders to come forward with securitization of subprime loan contracts that show underwriting criteria and other documents on how these loans were processed.

The Justice Department has received several complaints about subprime debts and how these relate to investors, and one case in point here is that of Rodney Durham, a 60-year old retiree who lives on social security after he quit work 30 years ago and was declared bankrupt.

Durham got a loan of $15,197 to buy a used car recently, even though he never believed why his loan application was granted and was more surprised to find that a copy of his loan application form stated he earned $35,000 working as technician in a hospital in Binghamton, New York.

Car dealers have been fingered in the subprime auto loan frauds because they largely process auto loan applicants’ requests and outline the terms and rates of the loans, while lenders only buy the loans without really meeting or interacting with the customers whose loans they are servicing. To this end, federal investigators are upping its surveillance to bring all culprit agencies to book, and smooth plug loopholes in the whole auto loans processes for bad credit customers.

A family of five is found shot dead in Virginia

A family of five, including three children, is found shot to death on Sunday night at a home in Culpeper, Virginia. The house being based in a quiet area of north-central Virginia, is raising doubts of a murder-suicide case.

Culpeper Mayor Michael Olinger said, “This is definitely a shock to the community, for sure. Very seldom do we have a murder in Culpeper or any kind of activity such as this.”

The mayor further added that he did not know the victims. The authorities are investigating into the case to reach at the reasons behind this fatal incident.

It was a family member who first discovered the incident on Sunday night by witnessing the bodies of the two adults first, both aging around 35. The three children of the family were all school going ones. The incident is being suspected to be a murder-suicide case by the cops.

It is a three bedroom house, covering about an acre of land and is just outside the town limits of Culpeper. Culpeper being a heritage holder of Civil War history and holding only about 15,000 people is quite a peaceful and quaint place where residents are more like a family. This has, indeed, occurred as shocking news for everybody residing in the town, including the neighbors of the house. Reggie Massie, a neighbor of the family of the dead said that the last party they had together was just on July 4 and all their children used to play together. It has been an unimagined and unsuspected incident for them.

Google helped in arresting the man possessing offensive child pornography

Thanks to Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), a man called John Henry Skillern, got arrested last month by the Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for possessing objectionable evidence against child sexual offense. The same person was being arrested and put in prison for 19 years before this due to sexually assaulting a child.

Detective David Nettles stated to KHOU, “He was trying to get around getting caught, he was trying to keep it inside his email. I can’t see that information, I can’t see that photo, but Google can.”

It was Google who first detected images of a girl in the email of the offender and then it tipped off the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about it. On being investigated and with due support of Google, many objectionable child pornography was found by the cops in his cell phone and tablet. 41 years old Skillern used to secretly record children while he was working as a cook at a Houston Denny’s. There were text messages and emails discussing his interest in children, as mentioned by the KHOU 11 News. Skillern is charged with possession of child pornography and promotion of child pornography and is being held on a $200,000 bond.

Google, while explaining the terms and conditions of its service says, “Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is

Google identifies images by a process called hashing in which it breaks down a picture into specific components. As a result of that, the picture can identified regardless of the image’s file type or resolution. That means, Google can identify similar images based on what they actually look like.

Wildfires leading to evacuation in West Coast states

A lightning sparked wildfire in Northern California has taken a serious turn leading to evacuation of residents from the neighboring West Coast states as fire teams are working to control it. There are threats of some more fire to be sparked due to winds from looming thunderstorms.

State fire spokesman Dennis Mathisen said, “It’s a challenging firefight due to the extreme fire conditions we’re experiencing.” He further added that additional fire crews are expected to be sent to the location to offer a hand to the 700 or so firefighters who are constantly battling the blaze.

The fire, taking furious turn, has bashed away some 120 people in the rural Modoc County. Following which the authorities in Siskiyou County have issued an evacuation notice late Friday. The wildfire has burnt nearly 18 square miles of brush and heavy timber along with posing as a threat to 150 structures on Friday. Most of the fires are in the remote areas and are away from the residential places.

Another new wildfire taking place amid high winds in Washington State led the evacuation of some 200 homes. Orders of evacuation along with closing of the state Highway 20 was also made by officials due to fire starting in halfway between Twisp and Winthrop of north-central Washington.

The Carlton Complex is too experiencing fire with 395 square miles and about 300 homes being burned in fire. Firefighters are giving their best in rescuing the place from fire equipped with an air force of helicopters and air tankers.

According to a spokeswoman for Washington’s Department of Natural Resources, Janet Pearce, some structures of the place are already burned. But it has not been identified whether those were homes or other buildings.

Seaside town Chatham in Cape Cod blooming with tourists to catch a sight of sharks

Tourists in large numbers are making their way to the seaside town Chatham in Cape Cod for catching a sight of the sharks most frequently seen on the beach these days. The sharks are seen lately coming in search of grey seals and this is one reason that vendors are earning good out of the tourists.

The beach has coin operated binoculars placed in different places for enabling the tourists to enjoy a glimpse of the great whites. Ever since the movie “Jaws” was shot in the Massachusetts Island, tourists are showing great interest in flocking around the island and its beaches. In spite of repeated warnings by the harbormasters, the tourists are not spraining from taking fun boat rides in the sea and swimming on the beaches. But as the findings at the University of Florida states there have been very rare cases in which sharks are seen confronting people.

“White sharks are this iconic species in society and it draws amazing amounts of attention. I have not been a approached by anyone who has said to me “let’s go kill these sharks,” says senior marine fisheries biologist, Gregory Skomai.

The booming tourism in the town has increased its business by nearly 500%. The vendors have targeted to allure the tourists by taking the shark attraction as the theme. They are selling various goods ranging from a price of $10 to $45 each for things like T-shirts, hats, dog collars, belts and hoodies, stuffed animals, jewelry, clothes, etc., with prints of torpedo-shaped shark images.

The credit, however, goes to the excellent conservation efforts for which the grey seals are increasing in number and that is eventually attracting more of the sharks to the area.

Police suspects: Same men accused for previous Northern California bank robberies

Police suspects Same men accused for previous Northern California bank robberies
Police investigating the Northern California bank robbery case are suspecting the same robbers have done similar incidents in some other recent bank robbery cases based in the same part of Northern California. The very same branch of this Northern California bank has also undergone another robbery earlier this year.

Officer Joe Silva on Saturday said, “Investigators have been looking at that January case really hard.” There was, however, no casualty, injury or any hostage instance in the January robbery.

It was a late-January robbery that took place in the same Bank of the West before the recent Wednesday case. Police have found striking similarities between the two robberies as in both cases the armed robbers have used a bank employee’s car to escape.

Video footage also shows a dark-colored Buick sedan dropping the three armed men in front of the bank Wednesday. It dropped the three robbers armed with three handguns and an AK-47. Although the driver is wanted yet, police have found the car abandoned in about a 10-minute drive from the bank without its license plates.

The green SUV used by the robbers to escape the bank was of one of the hostages, a bank employee. Of them two hostages are injured, but alive. The third hostage who was used as a human shield is dead. The bank robbery incident was one of the most heinous of its kind leaving three dead, of whom one was an innocent hostage Misty Holt-Singh. She was a customer of the bank had dropped in just to withdraw cash or a haircut, leaving her 12-year-old daughter in her car parked outside the bank. A 41-year-old wife and a mother of two, Holt Singh’s death is mourned by brining out a candlelight vigil outside a Stockton hotel on Saturday.