Concussion Rates Among America’s Youth have Doubled in the last five years

U.S. – According to a research conducted by nonprofit organization FAIR Health, concussions amongst children and young adults in America have been alarmingly increasing over the last five years.

More specifically, the rate in which concussions occur has been increased to 500 percent from 2010 to 2014.

For those who are not familiar with the matter, concussions constitute a type of traumatic brain injury that causes the head and brain to move back and forth at an unnatural pace, consequently leading to potential chemical changes and cell damage.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, an estimated 175,000 children have to go through emergency room treatment every year due to accidents from sports and outdoor activities.

FAIR Health’s infographic claims that for individuals aged under 22, the September-October period is the one with the highest incidence of concussions, which could be attributed to the fact that football season commences during these two months.

Furthermore, the research also found out that concussions occur to male individuals more often than the female ones, with the biggest gap taking place between ages of 5 and 10 —males at 68 percent, females at 32 percent.

Though, tables switch sides at older ages, as the study shows that female individuals aged between 19 and 22 had more concussions than their male counterparts — females at 56 percent, males 44 percent.

The results also pointed out that concussion rates are significantly higher among high school students than middle school or college students.

It is worth noting that concussions should be addressed in a very delicate manner, in order to achieve a proper recovery.

Studies have proven that when kids return injured from school, they can experience dizziness, headaches, audible and visual vulnerabilities, memory and concentration disorders, as well as unnatural sleeping patterns.

Sports and exercise are definitely beneficial for kids. We want them to be active,” Dr. Alan Zhang, of the University of California, San Francisco, who has been studying concussions amongst children for the past few years, told

Source: PR Newswire

HGH Testing: NFL Adopts a New Drug Policy

Perhaps from the end of this month only, NFL will start acting on its new drug policy – HGH testing. Now the new thing happening in the league that the recently suspended players who were being abused of using prohibited supplements will be back and re-joining their games.

It is in this weekend itself, basing on the new performance-enhancing drug policy the suspended players will be allowed to return to the league. In accordance to the acceptance of the league and players’ union to the decision of allowing the three suspended players, Broncos’ Wes Welker and two other will be returning to the field this weekend.

The three suspended players included Wes Welker, Dallas Cowboys DB Orlando Scandrick and St. Louis Rams WR Stedman Bailey who were accused of using banned stimulants and were hence, suspended for four games. But now, basing on the new rules and with the adaptation of the new drug testing policy, they all will be a part of their respective teams again. From now onwards, during off season, on being found positive of using banned drugs, the accused players will be referred to the substance abuse program. And, during the on season, the players who test positive will be punished with a penalty of four-game suspensions. However, the player who is found positive for the second time will face punishment like a ban from 8 to 10 games. For a third time violator, it would be is at least a two-year suspension.

According to the new drug policy, players found positive with the injection of diuretic or masking agent will face two-game suspension; for steroids it is four games and an attempt to manipulate the test will be six-game suspension.

Expressing his satisfaction on the new decision, Wes Welker said, “I said it was flawed and we got it fixed.” Welker was suspended on found positive with amphetamines in the off-season.

U.S. Open Men’s Final between Japan’s Kei Nishikori and Croatia’s Marin Cilic!

A new history and a new glory is to be created and earned on the court in New York on Monday as two of the names who never before played the U.S Open Men’s Final will be seen as competitors. A truly exceptional case this time, the finalists in the men’s single this time are neither Novak Djokovic, Rafal Nadal nor Roger Federer. This time they are Japan’s Kei Nishikori and Croatia’s Marin Cilic.

Sensational it is as since the Australian Open final in 2005, no other name than the three were seen in the chart of finalists. But now, putting an end to the unannounced reign of the trio, two of the promising names, the 10th seed Nishikori of Japan and Cilic of Croatia are to show some good game on the court. No doubt, watching the duo in the court itself will be a new experience for the audiences.

Nishikori, amazingly, is the first Asian man ever to reach a grand slam singles final. Trained by coach Michael Chang, the former grand slam champion, Nishikori shows great promise in the court through his steel and physical strength, but the only thing missing in his game is endurance. Nishikori says about his coach, “He’s been really helpful. He’s been helping me a lot from the end of last year, (especially) mentally. I feel my tennis is changing (to be a) little more aggressive and playing with more confidence. He’s tough, but I needed someone to push me.”

Cilic, on the other hand, has returned just less than 12 months ago from a period of four-month suspension and reaching a stage like the men’s final is a great achievement for him. The 25 years old was suspended due to the intake of a banned supplement which he says was taken inadvertently.

With their experiences of beating two of the big names in the tennis world, Nishikori beating Djokovic and Cilic beating Federer, both are in great form and desperate for the trophy at present but it is only on Monday when the real winner will come out.

Michael Sam Double Sacks, Johnny Manziel in Rams Preseason Game vs Browns

In an important match here in Cleveland on Saturday, Michael Sam the defensive end player of Rams defeated his opponent Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel twice. The match for victory between the two big players of NFL was worth a watch and at the end it was Michael Sam enjoying the last laugh.

Since the announcement of Manziel to start the season as the backup, it was the first preseason game for the quarterback player and testing defeat in the first game itself, of course is not so pleasant. There have been quite a few headlines created by the player right since his first game in the season, including him showing the middle finger to a bench of Washington Redskins’. However, the incident of Manziel being mocked with the money gesture too is one that made some news.

It was in the fourth quarter of the St. Louis Rams’ preseason game played against the Cleveland Browns Saturday night. As expected, the centers of attraction were only Sam and Manziel and much to everybody’s interest, the real game was between the two heroes only. But it was the young Sam who showed great game sacking his opponent twice.

At a time when Sam is in a battle to make the Rams’ roster, this achievement on his part is going to pay him a lot of benefits. However, Sam did not miss a chance of showing his attitude on the ground as he was seen marching down the field making mocking ‘money’ gesture at Manziel by rubbing his fingers together.

Re-injured in Shoulder, Braxton Miller to Miss the 2014 Season

Braxton Miller, the two-time Big Ten player of the year and Ohio State star quarterback has been compelled to leave practice in pain on Monday after he got re-injured in his shoulder. It was a short throw that the player made immediately after which he started feeling pains in his shoulder. With the departure of this star player from the team, the fifth-ranked Buckeyes’ hope for the national title is in doubts.

At late afternoon, Tuesday, Ohio confirmed the injury and the news of the player missing the 2014 Season. It further stated that the Miller will need to undergo a surgery to overcome from the injury.

Miller, stating about his condition, says, “My goal is to come back from this injury stronger and better than ever.”

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said, “My thoughts and prayers are with Braxton and his family. This is an unfortunate injury to a young man who means so much to this program.”

Absence of Miller from the season will be a big loss to the Ohio State team as he is one of the best in the Big Ten and also in the country. A team which has already suffered from many other drawbacks will have to face big challenges in the game without a good player like Miller.

Earlier to getting re-injured in his right shoulder, Miller was suffering from a partial tore of the labrum in his shoulder while playing against the Clemson at the Orange Bowl. He went through a surgery later this injury and was on rest during the spring practice. This month as well, the player was kept away from several practices due to the soreness of his shoulder.

It is now J.T. Barrett to play Miller’s top backup in the team and to take part as the starter in the Aug. 30 opener to be held against Navy in Baltimore.

Johnny Manziel May Get Fined For Passing Wrong Gesture at the Opponents

Johnny Manziel, who is recently in the news for showing the middle finger to the Redskins bench following a play on Monday night, is in return, mocked with the “money” gesture by the Washington Redskins. The NFL (National Football League) is soon to flash the money gesture now for Manziel but that will of course display the literal meaning of the symbol for the player.

The first night in the Browns’ second preseason game, definitely, did not go well for the player with many negative things happening to him. Those include him being sacked by the Washington Redskins players, being mocked by Brian Orakpo with the money sign and then Manziel’s poor performance in the game.

It was the Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo, who showed the money sign to Manziel after the latter failed in nine throws out of the 16 passes. This was enough for provoking Johnny to show his middle finger to the bench of the Redskins right in his first NFL match.

Manziel later calls the gesture of the Washington Redskins as a “lapse of judgment.” According to the coach of Cleveland Browns, Mike Pettine, the gesture “does not sit well.”

However, with the cameras recording Manziel’s gesture and broadcasted it on the national TV, this could be a problem for the player on once being proved for his illicit body language. The fines charged to the player may go above $11,000 for showing the middle finger in the third quarter of the Browns’ 24-23 preseason.

Tiger Woods disappointed at his own play, willing to go off the course

British Open Golf
With repeated show of poor game, Tiger Woods has continued to be playing downward and after his Sunday‘s match at the British Open, all he wants is to leave the competition. In spite of all his efforts of showing making promising shots and posing as a competition to his fellow players, Tiger has failed in doing what he does best.

Since his return from back surgery, the British Open is Woods’ first venture and the competition seems not to be in his favor. He has been hitting misfires off the tee and the approach shots are out of order. There seems to be no pressure on the 14-time major winner but still he is continuously being a failure in the competition. Woods was seen spending much of the front nine joking around with Jason Dufner.

After loosing a 2-iron approach shot at the 10th, a disappointing par on the par-5 that was pretty easier and then a much worse shot at the 11th left Woods feeling much awful. There were other disappointing shots too which describes Woods’ poor game pretty well. Now at a position of 7-over for the championship and being placed as a player lower on the leader board, Tiger Woods is disheartened and ready to leave the championship.

The former world no. 1 started off the first round with a promising 69 and later closed with 75. The championship showed the player in a state to rather opt for rest after his March 31 back surgery. It seems that the former champion now needs more time to take rest and prepare himself for other forthcoming competitions.

Tiger Woods, by the end of his game in the championship, have settled in a much poor position near the bottom of the leaderboard at 6 over par 294.