Zika Virus infects 13th Dallas resident that traveled to Latin America

Dallas, TX – Reports coming in from local authorities state that yet another resident of the county has been infected by the Zika virus.

More specifically, that is the thirteenth resident of the area to be tested positive for Zika virus infection. The anonymous 49-year old individual used to be a Mexican resident, which is where it is believed he contracted the virus.

The city of Carrollton warned in a written statement that the patient resides close to Keller Springs Road and Marsh Lane in the 75006 ZIP code.

In response to the alarmingly increasing Zika virus breakout, localized ground spraying will be conducted on Tuesday afternoon and will end when local authorities determine that the threat is under control.

Furthermore, Carrollton has been positively tested for West Nile virus as well, and therefore the entire area will undergo special spraying on Wednesday and Thursday late evenings.

As of now, Dallas County Health and Human Services has been able to confirm that the virus’s spread primarily stems from DeSoto, Irving and Dallas residents, that have recently returned from Latin America and the Caribbean.

At the moment, there is no fear of the virus being transmitted from local mosquitos.

When it comes to Zika’s means of being transmitted, in the majority of the cases it is being carried by the Aedes genus of mosquitoes, while local health centers also strongly advise residents to refrain from engaging in a sexual fashion with a patient.

The virus’s symptoms’ lifespan usually varies in between a few days and an entire week, with the most common ones being fever, rash, conjunctivitis and joint pain.

CDC’s latest local report, which was released on June 29th, says that since the beginning of the year, forty-nine cases of travel-related Zika infections have been recorded in Texas.

Building on that report, Dallas County officials added that ten pregnant women could have been infected by Zika, though the scenario of them just going through dengue fever or chikungunya is still quite possible.

Both dengue fever and chikungunya display similar symptoms with the notorious virus, hence they are often confused with the Zika infection.

Furthermore, CDC’s report also highlights that seven infants that were born to Zika-infected mothers in the U.S. are suffering from birth defects, while five mothers had a miscarriage as of June 23.

Source: Dallas County official website

Protesters disappointed as grand jury frees officer in Ferguson shooting

Following the disappointing announcement that Darren Wilson, the police officer that shot and killed 18-year old unarmed Michael Brown would be let off the hook by the grand jury, hundreds of protesters broke loose and fired over 150 gunshots, razed down police cars, burned several buildings, and looted stores.

Anti-riot policemen arrested 29 persons, and a .45mm automatic handgun was seized by the police from the rioting crowd after series of pepper sprays, and smoke canisters had been fired to disperse the protesters.

According to Job Belmar, the St. Louis police department chief, “We have no loss of life, but I am disappointed the night turned out this way. What I’ve seen tonight is probably worse than the worst night we had in August.”

But after Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney announced the decision of the grand jury not to indict Darren Wilson, Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, who was sitting atop a vehicle burst into tears and began screaming before she was whisked away by sympathizers.

But the Brown’ family immediately issued a statement, “We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions. While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen.”

And within one hour of the Ferguson’s grand jury’s announcement, President Obama asked people to remain calm and law-abiding, saying “I join Michael’s parents to ask anyone who protests this decision to do so peacefully. Let me repeat Michael’s father’s words: ‘Hurting others and destroying property is not answer. I do not want my son’s death to be in vain.'”

Comprised of 9 whites and 3 blacks, the grand jury met for a total 70 hours and cross-examined 60 witnesses – the panel had been meeting since August 20 for every week to examine evidence and witnesses before finally reaching a decision not to indict Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown.

Obama’s defense secretary bows out in unclear circumstances

Just less than two years in office as Defense secretary for President Obama, 68-year old Chuck Hagel bows out of the administration in very unclear circumstances. And this view is made more strong by Obama who while announcing Hagel’s resignation states that “If there’s one thing I know about Chuck, it’s that he does not make this or any other decision lightly.”

With about two dozen senior officials and cabinet secretaries in the State Dining Room of the White House, President Obama with Hagel standing next to him announced the departing Defense secretary had been an asset to his administration in spite of minor differences they experienced along the way. “We come from different parties, but in accepting this position, you sent a powerful message, especially to those in this city, that when it comes to our national security and our military families, our country always comes first.”

Being the first enlisted combat veteran to work as Defense secretary, Obama greatly commended Hagel for his service to the nation most especially as it relates to the US military in foreign missions. “He’s been in the dirt. He’s been in the mud. And that has established a special bond. He sees himself in them. They see themselves in him.” Obama said. “He volunteered for Vietnam and still has the scars and shrapnel from the battled he has fought.”

Joining Obama’s administration in February 2013, Hagel was up against militancy issues facing the US government on all sides. He led the fight against the ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and also confronted Ebola epidemics from West Africa. Having known Hagel since his days in the US senate, Obama single-handedly nominated him for the defense post even though Hagel is a Republican.

And though his Senate confirmation hearings were not without its own problems, even from party men, Sen. John McCain of Arizona states that “Secretary Chuck Hagel and I have had our differences over many years, but I have always considered him a friend, a patriot, and a dedicated public servant who has always put our country first and the needs of our men and women in uniform above his own.”

It is not clear why Hagel is leaving at this time, but White House officials made it clear that Hagel is not being forced down in any way, even though it appears he is not too cool with US’s foreign policies and some other similar things. It also came to the fore that the White House had cancelled a trip he was planning for Asia, with a stopover in Vietnam – and this cancellation seems to have gone wrong with Hagel – although he doesn’t appear to be laying it to heart in any way.

Prospects of violent disputes cause grand jury to take precaution in Ferguson

Tensions continue to escalate in Ferguson as citizens await the announcement of the grand jury over the August 9 shooting of a black teenager, Michael Brown Jr. The city is restless and on edge as they anticipate what the decisions of the grand jury might be, and commercial shops have locked down their shops and windows even as residents hunker down and speak in hushed tones. Waiting…to spring.

The authorities are aware of this tension, and they are taking possible steps to avert a possible outbreak of violence after the grand jury makes its decision. Federal and local law enforcement agents have been deployed to ensure law and order, and the restlessness of the 22,000 people living and working in Ferguson is palpable as they wait…and wait again.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson, and the black community and human rights activists are calling for his head, calling for prosecution. The township of Ferguson does not know at the moment if Wilson will be indicted in the August 9 shooting or not, and they are more than ready to bare their minds and teeth if the authorities play foul.

“If I can’t open my doors every morning, I can’t feed my kids in the evening. Just don’t burn my shop down, don’t destroy it.” This was the plea of Natalie DuBose, the proprietor of Natalie Cakes and More and a mother of two, hoping her store will not become a target during protests, which potentially could become violent.

Although Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr. called for peace and calm, President Barack Obama said in an ABC News interview that “This is a country that allows everybody to express their views, allows them to peacefully assemble, to protest actions that they think are unjust. But using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are.”

A protester who has been streaming protest videos on YouTube, Bassem Masri, assured the authorities there won’t be any trouble if the police learned to be civil. “We’ve taken de-escalation courses. We’ve been doing our part. Anytime there’s anything going on, the police agitated it. They’re gonna learn how to police us. We don’t have to learn how to conform to them. They serve us, we don’t serve them,” he said.

Some schools in the Jennings area have closed their classes for Monday and Tuesday, but then once the grand jury reaches a decision, prosecutors are expected to provide law enforcement with 48 hours notice before the announcement goes public – and before then, prosecutors could ask the grand jury to shift their planned session.



Campus police shoot and kill lone gunman who wounded three in FSU library

Campus police at the Florida State University has shot and killed a lone gunman who wounded three with gunfire at the Strozier Library. The unidentified gunman had walked into the entrance of the library and opened fire at students reading within the facility. FSU’s campus police were drawn to the scene and confronted the gunman outside the library building – but when he fired at police instead of laying down his weapon – he was shot and killed at the scene.

The spokesman of Tallahassee Police Department, David Northway explained to reporters that “As FSU police officers were coming to the call they heard word that they had one victim who was shot. The initial report indicates that as the officer got to the area, they located the gunman near the entrance of Strozier Library and he was challenged by the police officers to drop his weapon. Instead of complying with their commands, the gunman in turn fired a shot at the officers and they returned fire, killing the suspect.”

Although the three wounded victims have been rushed off to the hospital for treatment, they were not identified and it is not immediately clear if they are students, and the extent of their injuries is not known at this moment. But the Tallahassee police are investigating the incident and handling the case.

John Thrasher, the Florida State University’s president was away to New York at the time of the shooting and was on his way back to the campus when the news got to him – but he has ordered that all classes scheduled for Thursday be cancelled forthwith.

Many students scrambled for safety within and outside the five-story library building when they heard several gunfire shots, and police evacuated some others to an adjacent building to ensure their safety. Most students in the library reported they heard as many as seven to eight rapid gunfire after hearing the first burst of gunfire, and police are still trying to confirm how many shots were fired by the gunman.

President Obama says ISIS beheading of Americans is pure evil

In a statement released from aboard Air Force One and read to the news media in Washington, President Barack Obama as described the ISIS killing of its latest victim, aid worker Peter Kassig, as “pure evil.” The Islamic State had released a short video clip showing the severed head of Peter Kassig and then made a mockery of the US government’s efforts at fighting them in Iraq and Syria.

Peter Kassig was a former Army Ranger with the US Army, but turned to the supplies and delivery of medical aids to wounded soldiers and civilians in Syria when the war was over. He was taken from a checkpoint in northeastern Syria when delivering humanitarian medical supplies and has since then disappeared, but the release of the ISIS video showing his decapitated head confirms that he has actually been killed – making him the fifth Western national to be killed – three Americans and two UK citizens, by the Islamic terrorist group.

President Obama stated that Kassig “was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group…today we offer our prayers and condolences to the parents and family of Abdul-Rahman Kassig, also known to us as Peter.” The president appeared to have intentionally used Kassig’s adopted Muslim name following his capture to indicate to the killers that they have indeed killed a fellow Muslim. He goes ahead to identify with the “anguish at this painful time” that the Kassig’s family must be going through.

In the short video clip proving Kassig’s death, a man in black robe with a British accent, who has been identified by the UK government as Jihadi John was seen holding the beheaded head of Peter Kassig up for display.

The robed exectutioner, Jihadi John, said “This is Peter Edward Kassig, a U.S. citizen of your country. Peter, who fought against the Muslims in Iraq while serving as a soldier under the American Army, doesn’t have much to say. His previous cellmates have already spoken on his behalf. You claim to have withdrawn from Iraq four years ago. We said to you then that you are liars.”

Peter Kassig who appeared to have a premonition of his death wrote a smuggled out letter to his parents this summer, “I am obviously pretty scared to die but the hardest part is not knowing, wondering, hoping, and wondering if I should even hope at all,” he writes. “Just know I’m with you. Every stream, every lake, every field and river. In the woods and in the hills, in all the places you showed me. I love you.”

US intelligence agents believe the video clip to be genuine even though it seemed different from the previous four executions that had been seen. In Kassig’s case, only the part showing the severed head is shown but in other executions, video events leading up to the actual slashing of knife to decapitate the victim had always been shown. Analysts believe that something must have gone awry with the ISIS when beheading Kassig – and this made them to show only his severed head without showing the actual killing act in itself.

Russia’s president Putin disdained by world leaders at ongoing G20 summit

He is not treated with contempt at the ongoing G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, but Russian president Vladimir Putin is not enjoying the best of communal fellowship among other world leaders at the ongoing two-day summit in Australia. Most world presidents at the meeting made it clear they are not happy with him over his incursion into neighboring Ukraine, and they have obviously limited their interactions with him at the summit on account of this.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reported to have told Putin, “I’ll shake your hand, but I only have one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine.” And US President Barack Obama stated that his country would lead others in “opposing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is a threat to the world”; and UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron hinted that there would “have to be a very different relationship” between Europe and Russia if “we continue to see Russian troops” inside of Ukraine, and he made it clear that there was “the potential for further sanctions” against Moscow.

There are already existing sanctions against Russia in the form of restriction placed on its energy, defense, finance, along other travel bans and frozen assets of individuals – but European Union foreign ministers might further deliberate the need to either extend the sanctions or impose stricter sanctions against Russia. But Putin denies any personal involvement in the crises rocking Ukraine and in his military’s presence across NATO’s borders into Ukraine, maintaining that any proposed sanctions was pointless and would only cause some kind of standoff between Russia and the West.

There was palpable tension between Putin and other world leaders at the summit, and the warm welcome extended to him couldn’t be said to be whole diplomatic; and the Russian leader appeared a little isolated among the global powerbrokers. And to underscore his inconvenience at the summit, Russian sources at the meeting declared that Putin is planning to leave the summit on Sunday ahead of schedule and without anybody really knowing the reasons behind his decision to leave before time.

North Korea Finally Released The US Citizens

After several months of detention, North Korea finally releases the two Americans, Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller. As announced by the U.S. government said on Saturday, the U.S. citizens are returning home safe and sound in the company of the director of national intelligence James Clapper.

The news of the release of the two follows the release of another American Pyongyang. Kenneth Bae, by profession, is a missionary from Washington State and was arrested in November 2012 in North Korea. Bae was sentenced to 15 years’ hard labor for crimes against the state and Miller was sentenced to six years of hard labor who was in custody since April this year.

On their release and homecoming, President Barack Obama from the White House, said, “It’s a wonderful day for them and their families. Obviously we are very grateful for their safe return and I appreciate Director Clapper doing a great job on what was obviously a challenging mission.”

Regarding the involvement of Clapper in the case of releasing the imprisoned, no information was being leaked by the U.S. government. However, he has done an exceptional and praiseworthy job behind freeing the U.S. citizens. Before this, the United States government had been having frequent talks with the North Korea government appealing for the released of the men on humanitarian grounds as Bae was said to have health problems.

Another reason for the release of the men may also be the trip of the US Preeident to Asia. As scheduled in advance, the president was about to meet Chinese leaders and talk with them regarding the ways of increasing influence with North Korea.

The happy and amazed son of Bae, stating his last talk with father says, “The brief time on the phone, he sounded good. I’m sure he will be back to his old self in no time. It came out of the blue. One minute he was doing farm labor and the next minute they are saying, ‘You are going home.’ Just like everyone else, he was surprised.”

New reusable lead bullets made for 3D Plastic Printed guns

The 3D printer guns have been engineered for a high-intensity performance over the past eighteen months. These guns have been reconstructed from a regular imaginary experiment to a coterie.

The 25-year-old Michael Crumling, a New York based tech freak, devised a fresh technique to construct handmade lead bullets with the aid of lead carapace. This new method will ensure that the lead bullets withhold the complete force of the blow. The process will also increase the application of 3D printers. Crumbling also said that it authorizes home printer ammunition to be fired various times without getting a single yaw and slash.

Additionally, this fresh model cannot be copied as it embraces rounds, which must be individually organized. This unique aspect makes sure the long-lastingness of the printed guns.

Furthermore, he declared that soon he will sell these bullets online.

On the other hand, some legitimates put a question mark on the security of this new technique. The Australian police commissioner, Andrew Scipione asserted that even this fresh method is quite destructive.

Crumbling said in a statement, “It’s a really simple concept: It’s kind of a barrel integrated into the shell, so to speak”. He also added, “Basically it removes all the stresses and pressures from the 3-D printed parts. You should be able to fire an unlimited number of shots through the gun without replacing any parts other than the shell.”

While the robust steel covering may aid 3-D printed guns built with cheap plastic last for long, the attempt that goes into manufacturing these special gun bullets is considerable. According to the journal The Verge, the mechanist invests an hour building each round. Luckily, one requires 27 cents per round for the stuff that goes into its making.

Crumbling shares his design for the .314 Atlas rounds on the site: http://mikescustomweaponry.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/314-atlas/

Oregon boy’s dead body recovered after mother reports throwing him off bridge

The dead body of a 6-year-old boy was found late Monday after his mother reported throwing him off the famous Yaquina Bay Bridge. According to a statement made by Newport Police Chied Mark Miranda, the body of the deceased was found nearby the Embarcadero resort.

The first call was at received at roughly 6:30 p.m. local time. Miranda told the boy’s mother was peaceful and considerate when talking with officials. KPTV stated that the woman has been taken into custody for interrogation and was anticipated to be accused at some time during the night.

The manhunt was headed by the Coast Guard and Lincoln County government. The Coast Guard dispersed two boats and a chopper to search the water. The county’s marshal marine garrison, county search and relief teams were also included in the hunt.

Jonathan Klingenberg, the Coast Guard Petty 3rd class Officer informed the Associated Press that he comprehended the boy’s body was found sailing nearby a marina.

A 4-year-old son was killed when a woman threw her two small children off a Portland bridge in May 2009; however, the 7-year-old daughter somehow survived. The woman names Amanda Stott-Smith was pronounced guilty in 2010 and passed sentence of 35 years in prison.

It was in 1936 when the famous Yaquina Bay arched bridge of Oregon coast was opened. Moreover, it is also recorded as an important state spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Terminally ill Brittany Maynard commits suicide

The 29-year-old Brittany Maynard dies in Portland, Ore. on Sunday. She came to limelight when she delivered a public debate over whether or not terminal patients longing to prevent misery should have permission to take life-ending pills.

Soon after she posted a video on October 6, Mayland emerged as one of the most irresistible mediators for attorneys of helped dying. The video captured the graceful brunette emotionally discussing towards her decision to take charge over in what manner she dies.

It was in the month of January when Maynard was examined with threatening brain cancer and just a few months later she was informed that she had only six months left.

Maynard shifted to Oregon to access the Death with Dignity Laws of the state, which enable physicians to suggest fatal medicines to dying inmates who long to die as per their own wish.

It was on Saturday that Maynard administered the life-ending drug after undergoing growingly frequent breakdowns and serious neck and headache, the mediator for Compassion & Choices told. It is the same nonprofit organization she worked for stretching Death with Dignity Laws.

On October 9 she posted in a blog, “I didn’t launch this campaign because I wanted attention; in fact, it’s hard for me to process it all” but, “I did this because I want to see a world where everyone has access to death with dignity, as I have had. My journey is easier because of this choice.”

Maynard told that last month she thought to administer the fatal drug on November 1 so that she can pass away after celebrating her spouse’s birthday. She added that she wished to undertake a final journey to the Grand Canyon to wind up a lifetime suffused with thrill across the globe. After successfully making it to the place, she designated the Grand Canyon as “breathtakingly beautiful” in a blog post on October 24.

Barbara Coombs Lee, Compassion & Choices’ President said, “Brittany has died, but her love of life and nature, her passion and spirit endure”, “We will work to carry on her legacy of bringing an end-of-life choice to all Americans.”

The family of Maynard demanded privacy, however, posted a death notice on the internet at www.thebrittanyfund.org.

Early deployment of feathering function blasted the Virgin Galactic Spacecraft

Virgin Galactic Spacecraft blasted off in California’s Mojave Desert at the time of a flight test on Friday, killing one captain and terribly wounding the other. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is heading the inspection to find out what resulted in the blast.

An inspection into the lethal crash of a Virgin Galactic spacecraft has brought to light that a function to aid the craft plunge into the atmosphere was used earlier, a state safety inspector said on Sunday.

The pivoting tail boom of SpaceShipTwo, a primary aspect for re-invading the atmosphere, whirled early, according to the Christopher Hart, NTSB Chairman, though he added it was too early to decide if this was the main reason behind the blast.

The billionaire, business-tycoon, Richard Branson is the man behind the apprentice space tourism organization of Virgin Galactic.

In a news conference, Hart announced that the investigating team has identified that the “feathering” system used to plunge into the air from space should have been used when the spacecraft was traversing about 1.4 times the pace of sound.

Rather, the feather started pivoting when the rocket-powered vessel was traversing at Mach 1, he said, utilizing a mechanical word for the pace of sound at a specific altitude.

Hart added that the feathering system which binds the vessel in half to build more atmospheric burden was opened early by the fellow pilot, according to a video from the spacecraft’s cabin. And after two seconds, the spaceship’s tail passage started to fold.

Hart said in a statement, “I’m not stating that this is the cause of the mishap. We have months and months of investigation to determine what the cause was”.

When asked whether the NTSB was contemplating the probability of pilot mistake, Hart added: “We are not ruling anything out. We are looking at all of these issues to determine what was the root cause of this mishap … We are looking at a number of possibilities, including that possibility (of pilot error).”

Rescue in Japan Continues Following a Volcanic Eruption

A volcanic eruption that took place from Mt. Ontake in central Japan has led to a death of more than 30 people. Rescues by the police and fire and military rescue teams continue with efforts of saving the hikers and other residents from the smoke and ash of the eruption.

The eruption of a volcano at the Mt. Ontake can be termed as the second natural disaster in Japan in the past month as before that, the nation suffered from mudslides in the Hiroshima area due to heavy rainfalls. This disaster has already killed some 42 people and the rescue in Hiroshima is still continuing.

The hikers were injured and trapped by the volcanic eruption at a time when they were hiking through the mountain’s popular trails which are a magnet for the hiker. Seven of the climbers were rescued from the mountain today and some of them have been hospitalized. Four of these hikers are found to have cardiac arrest and have been taken down by helicopter.

A female hiker who was near the volcano’s crater just at the time of its eruption, states, “I thought I was going to die.”

Around 550 police, fire, and military personnel are continuously working on the rescue and aiding of the affected. The rescuers are seen coated with volcanic ash on their jackets and have their nose and mouths covered by white surgical masks to avoid the harmful smoke.

It was a 3,067-meter (10,100-foot) volcanic eruption that took place at Mt. Ontake and led to the most of the harm made to the hikers. Following the eruption, thirty-one victims were found on the mountain having cardiac arrest.

Mother Requests Nurse to Adopt Her Son after Her Death

Shocking and heartbroken it is but this has happened for real that a mother of an 8 year old son who is diagnosed with liver cancer has requested her nurse to take her son after her death. The mother of the little boy is Tricia Somers, 45-year-old who expressed her interest and request that she made to the nurse Tricia Seaman during a recent interview with WHTM-TV.

“If I die, can you take my son,” this is what the mother had to ask her nurse who got to know about the presence of the deadly disease in her body only in March. The major tension for her after the discovery of the disease in her body was for Wesley, her son whom she worried will be lonely after her death with nobody to take care of him. As both of her parents have passed away from the same disease- cancer with no constant support of her husband, she worried if her son would be lonely and helpless in her absence.

Seaman, who is a registered nurse at Pinnacle Health’s Community General Campus in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and also is the mother of three daughters and a son with her husband was Somers’ nurse in the hospital. Somers, while explaining about Seaman, said, “She came in and I just had this overwhelming feeling of comfort.” May be due to this feeling of comfort that she felt for Seaman which made her take this big decision of her life of giving her son to Seaman.

Seaman, who has also being interviewed by WHTM-TV said that Somers’ proposal came to her just when she and her husband was thinking about adopting a son. She said, “Sometimes God has a plan for our lives. Sometimes we think we know what that plan is, but we really do not.”

“America’s Got Talent” Winner Declared- This Time It’s A Magician!

The “America’s Got Talent” winner for this season is a Newport-based magician who since his very first show in the competition presented great talent and created some amazing moments on stage. The magician, named Mat Franco surpassed thousands of his competitors in the show overall and took away a whopping amount of $1 million as the award.

The NBC talent competition “America’s Got Talent” has been held every year that judges talents of any kind with some of the best and astonishing contestants coming up to the limelight from different corners of the country. An opportunity to grab the eyes and to be selected among the final competitors in the show in itself is considered as an achievement by the people and participants. The huge popularity of the show too is a reason for which participants crave to be a part of it and earn fame.

Mat Franco a magician of Johnston had great calibers to show off and that paid him at last on Wednesday when he was declared the winner of the much coveted show. The final competition of the show was held in Las Vegas.

A graduate from the University of Rhode Island in 2010, Franco was a fan of magic tricks since his childhood for which he started learning it from his childhood days only. Amazingly, he was only in the kindergarten when he first presented his magic tricks show. Later on, he was learning magic tricks in Las Vegas from the age of 12.

The young magician, however, did not forget to thank all the Rhode Island fans due to whose support and votes he could win the competition.

Thousands of Villagers Evacuate in Philippines Following a Volcano Eruption

An active volcano in Mount Mayon in Philippines that belched out a amount of huge lava but in a gentle flow towards the villages based down the hill has terrorized the villagers enough to run away from their homes. The authorities concerned too have issued an evacuation notice to the villagers so that no harm is made to lives.

Although the flow of the eruption is gentle at present, but according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology the Mount Mayon is in high alert at present with possibilities of “hazardous eruption” taking place within weeks. Scene of the volcano currently ejecting glowing rocks too is evident at present along with dozens of low-frequency volcanic earthquakes. However, watching the molten lava creating a glow in the darkness of night is both a feeling of awe and fear for the spectators.

Stating the present condition of the volcano, Renato Solidum the head of the government volcano monitoring agency says, “It’s already erupting, but not explosive. Currently, the activity is just lava coming down. If there is an explosion, all sides of the volcano are threatened.”

The size of the rocks and boulders ejecting from the volcano can very well be estimated when volcanologist Ed Laguerta said that he could see huge glowing lava and super-hot boulders rolling down from Mayon’s crater even from a distance of 12 kilometers (7 miles) away.

Villagers ranging up to 12,000 who were living within a distance of 8 K.M. from the volcano’s crater are made to evacuate their homes. However, those living within a distance of 6 K.M. from the volcano are being used with a mandatory evacuation ntioce along with also declaring the areas a permanent no-go danger zone.

Mayor Herbie Aguas said, “We are praying that it would not be the worst-case scenario.”

Government Officials Sacked By the Liberian President for Not Returning To the Country

The 10 senior government officials who had shown disrespect to an official order of returning to Liberia has been declared as fired from their respective responsibilities. It is the president of the Ebola struck west African nation who has made the final decision on sacking the senior officials.

The President terms the present state of Liberia as an emergency for which she seek everybody’s help and support to fight “for the very survival of our state”. As stated by the President’s office on Sunday, “These government officials showed insensitivity to our national tragedy and disregard for authority.”

The government officials are not returning to the nation only because of the fear of being infected by the Ebola virus as the country has been badly taken into grasp buy the disease. But at the same time, their disrespect for their respective duties and responsibilities towards their nation has made them liable to be penalized. The President of the nation, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, henceforth, took the decision of sacking them who did not even obeyed her command of asking the ministers return within a week.

The present state of the nation is alarming with the death toll due to the Ebola disease is increasing and is pretty disturbing. According to the reports of World Health Organization, more than 2,400 people are killed by the epidemic since its outbreak.

The sacked higher officials of the Liberia government include ministers like deputy minister for economic affairs at the ministry of justice Victoria Sherman-Lang and the deputy minister for administration and public safety at the ministry of justice Wheatonia Dixon-Barnes. There are five other members of various boards who have been asked to return to country who otherwise will not be provided with their salaries and other benefits. These five members left the country without showing proper excuse.

Chardon shooter T.J. Lane who escaped from prison in Lima recaptured

Chardon killer T.J. Lane, who attacked and murdered three students at the High School of Chardon in 2012, was captured again on Friday early morning. The 19-year-old Lane is one of the three inmates who ran away at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday from the Allen Correctional Institution.

The State Highway Patrol stated that the recapture came just a few hours after Lane’s escape from Lima prison. Among the three inmates who escaped, one was detained immediately. However, it is not yet clear if the third inmate, the 45-year-old Clifford Opperud, who also escaped was detained so far or not. Opperud was serving a prison term for kidnapping and robbery. Earlier, the news of escape of T.J. Lane brought back unwanted memories to the locals of Chardon, Ohio.

Lima Police Sgt. Andy Green stated that the department searched for Lane in the woods and a residential area near the prison located 80 miles south of Toledo. However, the Lima Police Department asked residents via social network not to post on social media the exact positions of the officers while they searched for the culprit.

Authorities termed the escape dangerous, but were certain that the criminals were not armed. There is no information as yet about how the inmates broke prison and escaped.

Earlier, Lane had pleaded of being guilty and of killing three students on the anniversary of the Chardon High School attack on February 27, 2012 that shocked everyone. The school is located about 25 miles east of Cleveland.

While getting sentenced without parole of life imprisonment on March 20, 2013, Lane wore a T-shirt that had “killer” written on it. He even grinned and looked obscenely towards the families of his victims, when they addressed the court during the sentencing procedure.

In fact, Dina Parmertor, the mother of 16-year-old Daniel Parmertor, one of the victims of Lane expressed her wish that Lane should get a slow and painful death. She also called him a ‘vile coward’.

Parmertor said, “From now on, he will only be a killer. I want him to feel my anger towards him.”

Holly Walczak, the mother of another victim Nick Walczak, who was paralyzed after being shot four times by Lane, also expressed her hatred for the shooter.

Before sending the case to an adult court, it was addressed in a juvenile court, where the judge ruled the culprit to be mentally capable to stand trial. However, evidence states that Lane suffered from problems like psychosis and hallucinations.

Though Lane admitted to the shooting, he couldn’t specify why he did so, said investigators. Lane said, “It was something I chose to do.”

Lane was sentenced by Judge David Fuhry of Geauga County Common Pleas Court. While sentencing, the judge noted that Lane displayed no compassion and had no regret on what he did, though he knew that he was doing something wrong.

According to Fuhry, the shooting in Chardon High’s cafeteria was “merciless rampage. … We haven’t been provided a clear motive or even a murky one.”

Lane himself was a student at Lake Academy in Willoughby at the time of the attack and on the morning of the attack he took the bus to Chardon High rather than to his own school.

Lane carried a knife and a .22-caliber pistol to the Chardon High school on the day of the attack and fired 10 shots targeting at a group of students waiting in the cafeteria before school.

Among those who got killed were Parmertor and Demetrius Hewlin, both 16-year-old, and 17-year-old Russell King Jr.

Earlier on late Thursday, the Chardon Local School District announced that there will be no classes in Chardon schools on Friday pertaining to Lane’s escape.

Joan Rivers’ Funeral Brought the Fashion, Media, Money and Acting World Together

It was the funeral ceremony of Joan Rivers which took place and as elegantly and beautifully as the lady was in her whole life. The actor, comedian and the fashion critic had innumerable friends of her in spite of her nature of criticizing one open heartedly and at face. It is her quick-wittedness and frank friendliness with people that made the famous people belonging to several fields like Hollywood, media, fashion and business industry come together and pray for her eternal peace.

During her funeral, Howard Stern was seen delivering the eulogy, New York City Gay Men’s Chorus sang Broadway hits like Hey Big Spender along with the six-time Tony Award-winner Broadway singer and actress Audra McDonald who sang Smile for Rivers. There were bagpipers to play New York, New York.

Other than the musical tributes, speeches were delivered by TV anchor Deborah Norville, Rivers’ close friend Margie Stern, columnist Cindy Adams and Rivers’ daughter Melissa. They shared their experiences with Rivers’ and Melissa talked about how she used to respect her mother. Melissa also passed her appreciation to everyone for their great support at this time of stake.

There was Hugh Jackman as well in the funeral who paid his tribute to the lady and ended the ceremony by singing Quiet Please, There’s A Lady On Stage. The scene of the bagpipers from the New York City Police Department playing on the streets with the mourners joining them from the Temple Emanu-El synagogue was emotional and unique.

Fashion designer Dennis Basso, said about the ceremony, “It was uplifting. We were celebrating her life.”

Another striking factor recalling the memory of Rivers is three of her classic lines that were printed out. These were: “Can we talk?”, “Who are you wearing?” and “Because I’m a funny person”.

Lava Flow on Hawaii’s Big Island is Creeping Slowly towards the Homes

The lava erupting from the Kilauea, which is making its way through the cracks in the earth towards a rural subdivision on Hawaii’s Big Island is creating a threat to the nearby residential places. According to the scientists if this flow of lava continues and makes its way this way through the cracks, then in about a week it will reach the homes situated nearby.

The lava erupting from the volcano is continuously flowing underground and in this pace, it is filling cracks in places and then again making appearance above the ground. It has already covered a distance of 8.2 miles from the place of its origin. It has also come almost a mile through the eastern edge of the Wao Kele o Puna Forest Reserve. The movement of the lava is about 820-feet a day.

According to the Hawaii County Civil Defense officials who took a helicopter ride over the place of lava flow on Friday, the movement of the lava is slow at present, which has advanced only about 150 yards since the status found on the previous day. Although the scientists are fearing that the lava to reach the home, the defense officials have not yet declared any evacuation notice to the residents. But some of the inhabitants are taking advanced steps on their part by relocating livestock like cattle, pigs and horses.

On the contrary, the governor Neil Abercrombie had to sign an emergency proclamation in preparation for lava crossing a major highway as it may cut off the road transportation. As a result of this, the officials may have to open the abandoned roads as alternate routes for transportation.

Although the number of homes to be affected by the lava is not known yet, the officials are conducting a door-to-door survey in order to find out an exact count of the Kaohe Homesteads.