Militants kill two, wound nine on Bangladesh Eid prayer gathering

BANGLADESH, ASIA – Local authorities have announced the death of two police officers and nine wounded, during a grenade attack on a security point in a town hosting the country’s most prominent celebrations for the end of the Ramadan fasting month.

District administrator Zillur Rahman told the press that the security point where the assault had taken place, is located near an area where an estimated 200,000 people had gathered for a prayer service in Kishoreganj. The town is approximately 140km northeast of the capital, Dhaka.

The precise number of people that were behind the attack is still unknown, while two of them were killed during the shoot-out that ensued. Local authorities did not manage to apprehend any of the gunmen.

One of the senior district officials, Mohammad Azimuddin Sheikh, claimed that, after the grenades were exploded, militants used “sharp weapons” to attack local police. The type of the said weaponry has not been specified yet.

We are still checking for other miscreants but after this incident prayers were held peacefully and we have asked everyone to go home,” Rahaman mentioned during a press conference.

The district administrator assured local residents that the attack had been brought under control for the time being.

It is worth adding that this attack comes in the wake of last week’s fatal tragedy, where alleged ISIS soldiers killed twenty people, primarily foreigners, in a cafe in the capital claimed by the Islamic State Islamists militant group.

According to data from past attacks of a similar nature, last week’s assault featured the largest number of casualties in Bangladesh’s history, causing fear amongst citizens and visitors of the country.

After the attack in the cafe, ISIS announced in an online video that the violence will be maintained until Islamic law is established worldwide, and that the particular assault was just a pre-taste of what there is yet to come.

Via: CNN

Tom Brady outperforms Peyton Manning in NFL

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots definitely emerged as the excellent team, chasing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos by 43-21 on Sunday and snatching the world’s best record in the team of AFC.

Brady outshined Manning in the 16th installment of their matchup and is 11-5 in opposition to Manning. He delivered for four goals and Julian Edelman rebound a kick 84 yards for a score. Brady reveled for 333 yards in his 200th career start. He has about 155 of those in his name, the majority for any quarterbacks in that number of starts.

Brady, who has three Super Bowl rings against Manning’s one said in a statement, “He has always set a real high bar for how to play and I have tried to do the same through my efforts with my team”. He added, “The only thing I really care about is the respect from my team, going out there and trying to earn it”.

After 15 seasons that definitely will secure Brady Hall of Fame recognition, the 37-year-old has that respect. Brady also owns that finesses over Manning, who dropped to a score of 2-7 at Gillette Stadium even though reveled for 438 yards and two goals. He owns at most two TD passes in 14 successive games, a proud NFL record.

The 38-year-old Manning, who joined NFL in the year 1998, said, “”Well, I don’t usually stink, but I stunk today”. He also added, “”I don’t make any excuses.”

The two goal passes stretched Manning’s total score to 515. He beat the Brett Favre’s record of 508 previously.

The majority of Manning’s yardage turned up only after the Patriot’s fourth straight home gained victory over Denver in as many seasons was earned. And when they were close to victory, Denver’s power-driven attach had little dominion.

Manning told, “The quarterback stinks, usually you’re not going to win many games”.

Even with the two big QBs in the team, Edelman emerged as a star. It’s not that defense system of New England was weak, confusing Manning so frequently that the Broncos hardly got the snap off on time on various plays.

FIFA Gives Referees More Power to Halt the Match on Serious Injuries of Players

FIFA, taking an important decision at its two-day meeting starting Thursday, has announced that the referees from now on will have the power to stop the match up to three minutes for letting the team doctors assess the players who meets head injuries.

The decision was taken during a meeting of meeting in the presence of the chairman of the FIFA and UEFA medical committees Belgian doctor Michel D’Hooghe. It states, “The incidents at the World Cup have shown that the role of team doctors needs to be reinforced in order to ensure the correct management of potential cases of concussion. The referee will only allow the injured party to continue playing with the authorization of the team doctor, who will have the final decision.”

The UEFA adopted the three-minute break protocol last week and this rule will be seen applied right in the Champions League matches to be held from next week.

There have been many previous such incidents of serious head injuries of the players who have been made to play even after being injured and face severe results later. This gets to happen due to lack of proper assessment of their injuries and this time FIFA makes sure that no such things gets to happen. There are examples like the Uruguay defender Alvaro Pereira, who ignored his team doctor’s advice to be substituted who was injured and went unconscious after his head struck to an England player’s knee.

To name another incident, a moment in the World Cup final can be recalled when Germany midfielder Christoph Kramer played on for 14 minutes against Argentina in spite of his severe injury and later had to be substituted on being found clearly disorientated.

Seattle Seahawks Beat the Denver Broncos in Sunday Super Bowl Rematch

A rematch of Super Bowl held on Sunday featured Seattle Seahawks as the winner beating the Denver Broncos by 26-20. With many exciting moments, drama created on field and some injuries for the players of both the teams to face, the match of Sunday was a total worth watch and lived up to the expectation of the audiences.

Denver could finish its score in 20 only with Peyton Manning’s 26-yard touchdown pass to Jacob Tamme when 18 seconds were left for the match to be over. The overtime match between the teams was thrilling and pulsating with the players paying hard to score goals. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson showed some brilliant game on field during the overtime that rushed for 21 yards and was 4 of 6 passing in overtime. The final 6 yards was covered by Lynch. However, Denver player Manning never saw the ball in overtime and this added an advantage to the other team.

However there were mistakes on part of the Seahawks as well and Manning took good advantage of it. He scored 31 of 49 for 303 yards and two touchdowns. Wilson scored 24 of 34 for 258 yards and two touchdown passes.

With fans and viewers expecting the Seattle Seahawks only to take the lead and show some good game on field, the Sunday match was thus, enjoyable for all and stood on expectations.