Viswanathan Anand Defeated Magnus Carlsen at The Ongoing World Title Match

Former world champion defeats the current world champion and as always, the thirst for the world championship title will show up many such great matches between the two! It is chess masters, Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen are being spoken about who has been continuously making new challenges to one another every time they have come tete-a-tete.

After being defeated by world chess champion Magnus Carlsen last year, during the championship title held in Chennai, Viswanathan Anand seemed to be pretty ready to take the revenge right from his very first move on Tuesday’s match. Anand claimed victory over Carlsen in the third game of the world title match at Sochi. Each move made by Anand in response to Carlsen’s showed great homework and a spirit to fight. With this Anand seemed to be well-equipped to take back his crown who has had a record of being five time world champion before loosing it to Carlsen last year.

The match of Tuesday lasted for three-and-a-half hours during which Anand made the first 23 move in only 31 minutes. In comparison to Anand, Carlsen looked a bit deficient in his preparation. Seeing the great preparation and fast moves by the Indian player, many would like to recall the memories of former world champion Gary Kasparov who had a lightening fast speed and amazing homework.

Tom Brady outperforms Peyton Manning in NFL

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots definitely emerged as the excellent team, chasing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos by 43-21 on Sunday and snatching the world’s best record in the team of AFC.

Brady outshined Manning in the 16th installment of their matchup and is 11-5 in opposition to Manning. He delivered for four goals and Julian Edelman rebound a kick 84 yards for a score. Brady reveled for 333 yards in his 200th career start. He has about 155 of those in his name, the majority for any quarterbacks in that number of starts.

Brady, who has three Super Bowl rings against Manning’s one said in a statement, “He has always set a real high bar for how to play and I have tried to do the same through my efforts with my team”. He added, “The only thing I really care about is the respect from my team, going out there and trying to earn it”.

After 15 seasons that definitely will secure Brady Hall of Fame recognition, the 37-year-old has that respect. Brady also owns that finesses over Manning, who dropped to a score of 2-7 at Gillette Stadium even though reveled for 438 yards and two goals. He owns at most two TD passes in 14 successive games, a proud NFL record.

The 38-year-old Manning, who joined NFL in the year 1998, said, “”Well, I don’t usually stink, but I stunk today”. He also added, “”I don’t make any excuses.”

The two goal passes stretched Manning’s total score to 515. He beat the Brett Favre’s record of 508 previously.

The majority of Manning’s yardage turned up only after the Patriot’s fourth straight home gained victory over Denver in as many seasons was earned. And when they were close to victory, Denver’s power-driven attach had little dominion.

Manning told, “The quarterback stinks, usually you’re not going to win many games”.

Even with the two big QBs in the team, Edelman emerged as a star. It’s not that defense system of New England was weak, confusing Manning so frequently that the Broncos hardly got the snap off on time on various plays.

Kenny Hill Suspended From School Team Texas A&M for Violation of Rules

As announced on Saturday by his team Texas A&M, quarterback Kenny Hill will have to miss next two games of Aggies as the payer is suspended due to violation of team rules. The player is also found to be breaking the athletic department policies.

Although the specific reasons of Hill’s suspension has not been cleared by the school yet, but his suspension is confirmed. The player who had been a key to triumph for the school since the last eight seasons and who started the games for the school will not be there in the next two games and indeed, this is a loss of the team.

With many highs and lows coming his way this year, Hill has been a player with good records mostly. Hill also won the Heisman Trophy early this season. Also, he can be remembered for a bright debut breaking the school record of Johnny Manziel’s by passing yards (511) in a 52-28 blowout of South Carolina. It was his brilliant starting of the season for which he was even nicknamed as “Kenny Trill”.

However, the last three games of Hill were not as remarkable as other games with an average passing yard per game dipping from 349 to 301.3. If spoken about the suspension record of Hill, then it has to be mentioned here that it is his second time as before this he was suspended during spring football. He was arrested on a charge of public intoxication in March and this made him to be suspended.

FIFA Gives Referees More Power to Halt the Match on Serious Injuries of Players

FIFA, taking an important decision at its two-day meeting starting Thursday, has announced that the referees from now on will have the power to stop the match up to three minutes for letting the team doctors assess the players who meets head injuries.

The decision was taken during a meeting of meeting in the presence of the chairman of the FIFA and UEFA medical committees Belgian doctor Michel D’Hooghe. It states, “The incidents at the World Cup have shown that the role of team doctors needs to be reinforced in order to ensure the correct management of potential cases of concussion. The referee will only allow the injured party to continue playing with the authorization of the team doctor, who will have the final decision.”

The UEFA adopted the three-minute break protocol last week and this rule will be seen applied right in the Champions League matches to be held from next week.

There have been many previous such incidents of serious head injuries of the players who have been made to play even after being injured and face severe results later. This gets to happen due to lack of proper assessment of their injuries and this time FIFA makes sure that no such things gets to happen. There are examples like the Uruguay defender Alvaro Pereira, who ignored his team doctor’s advice to be substituted who was injured and went unconscious after his head struck to an England player’s knee.

To name another incident, a moment in the World Cup final can be recalled when Germany midfielder Christoph Kramer played on for 14 minutes against Argentina in spite of his severe injury and later had to be substituted on being found clearly disorientated.

Seattle Seahawks Beat the Denver Broncos in Sunday Super Bowl Rematch

A rematch of Super Bowl held on Sunday featured Seattle Seahawks as the winner beating the Denver Broncos by 26-20. With many exciting moments, drama created on field and some injuries for the players of both the teams to face, the match of Sunday was a total worth watch and lived up to the expectation of the audiences.

Denver could finish its score in 20 only with Peyton Manning’s 26-yard touchdown pass to Jacob Tamme when 18 seconds were left for the match to be over. The overtime match between the teams was thrilling and pulsating with the players paying hard to score goals. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson showed some brilliant game on field during the overtime that rushed for 21 yards and was 4 of 6 passing in overtime. The final 6 yards was covered by Lynch. However, Denver player Manning never saw the ball in overtime and this added an advantage to the other team.

However there were mistakes on part of the Seahawks as well and Manning took good advantage of it. He scored 31 of 49 for 303 yards and two touchdowns. Wilson scored 24 of 34 for 258 yards and two touchdown passes.

With fans and viewers expecting the Seattle Seahawks only to take the lead and show some good game on field, the Sunday match was thus, enjoyable for all and stood on expectations.

Car Accident Kills Rob Bironas, A Former Tennessee Titans kicker

Rob Bironas who used to be a player of the Tennessee Titans was found injured in a road accident on Sunday morning and was later declared dead in Vanderbilt hospital that he was taken to after the accident. According to police, no second car was involved in the accident and the former player committed the accident on loosing control of his car.

Bironas, ageing only 36, was a popular player of the Titans who signed with the team in the year 2005 only and remained in the same team till March 2014. He played eight seasons in Nashville and had the fame of being the top scorer in the Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers franchise with a score of 35 field goals for the team in 2007 and this in itself was a record score!

Birona’s death will remain as a loss to the sports industry with a promising player suddenly lost in a car accident. As investigated and confirmed by police, the former kicker’s accident was not due to drugs or alcohol. It is just that he lost control over his car and committed the accident.
This sudden death of the player led him to finish his career with an 85.7 career field goal percentage.

Gamblers Starting to Lose Interest in Betting for Floyd

The recent downfall of the popularity graph of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is indicating how he has lose being the interest of the gamblers. According to the bookers, the number of gamblers interested in betting on the boxer is evidently losing.

The boxer who was at a point of time the centre of attraction for many Las Vegas gamblers, is now left unbidden by many. His fights have lost the previous glory and popularity for which fans and gamblers used o be crazy for. The same has been expressed by many leading bookers basing on their experience. According to them, the rematch between Floyd and Marcos Maidana was betted by less than 50 percent gamblers in comparison to Floyd’s fight against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez that was held in 2013.

Jay Rood, vice president of race and sports books for MGM, while speaking to ESPN, stated, “He’s a draw, but it’s not translating to the betting window.”

Then Nick Bogdanovich, the William Hill director of trading also had to say something similar about Floyd, who said, “No big bets; no accumulation of small bets on the underdog. No interest. Floyd’s not the most popular guy. His fights aren’t really exciting. People are tired of it.”

Another name to add in experts commenting on Floyd is Bob Arum, the Top Rank promoter according to whom as well Floyd’s popularity is waning. He also adds that the boxer’s pay-per-view numbers too have gone down “considerably.” Arum has expressed this while having an interview with the South china Morning Post.

Arum further states, “He’s fighting with very popular rap stars, the urban population is not happy with a lot that goes on in his personal life.”

HGH Testing: NFL Adopts a New Drug Policy

Perhaps from the end of this month only, NFL will start acting on its new drug policy – HGH testing. Now the new thing happening in the league that the recently suspended players who were being abused of using prohibited supplements will be back and re-joining their games.

It is in this weekend itself, basing on the new performance-enhancing drug policy the suspended players will be allowed to return to the league. In accordance to the acceptance of the league and players’ union to the decision of allowing the three suspended players, Broncos’ Wes Welker and two other will be returning to the field this weekend.

The three suspended players included Wes Welker, Dallas Cowboys DB Orlando Scandrick and St. Louis Rams WR Stedman Bailey who were accused of using banned stimulants and were hence, suspended for four games. But now, basing on the new rules and with the adaptation of the new drug testing policy, they all will be a part of their respective teams again. From now onwards, during off season, on being found positive of using banned drugs, the accused players will be referred to the substance abuse program. And, during the on season, the players who test positive will be punished with a penalty of four-game suspensions. However, the player who is found positive for the second time will face punishment like a ban from 8 to 10 games. For a third time violator, it would be is at least a two-year suspension.

According to the new drug policy, players found positive with the injection of diuretic or masking agent will face two-game suspension; for steroids it is four games and an attempt to manipulate the test will be six-game suspension.

Expressing his satisfaction on the new decision, Wes Welker said, “I said it was flawed and we got it fixed.” Welker was suspended on found positive with amphetamines in the off-season.

NFL Recruits Domestic Violence Experts as Senior Advisers

After the case of domestic violence involving Ray Rice, NFL has decided to hire three domestic violence experts as consultants to avoid such instances in future. The thee consultants to join NFL as “senior advisers” are Lisa Friel, Jane Randel and Rita Smith.

As stated by Commissioner Roger Goodell, “They will help lead and shape the NFL’s policies and programs relating to domestic violence and sexual assault.”

Of the three new consultants, Lisa Friel was the head of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney’s Office, Jane Randel is the co-founder of No More, a campaign against domestic violence and sexual assault and Rita Smith is the former executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. So, with the inclusion of three lady advisers to the NFL, things are hoped to be better and solvable with the players and their domestic matters.

It is after Goodell faced criticism regarding his decision of handling the domestic violence case of Ray Rice who suspended Rice for two games that Goodell is finally compelled to think about steps like hiring consultants. Although at first, Goodell was seem to be confident of his decision of punishing Rice but a month later it is he only who admitted saying that he “didn’t get it right”.

The National Organization for Women calls Goodells decision of hiring senior advisers as “a step in the right direction — but it’s not enough.” The organization had been demanding for Goodell’s resignation after his dicission of punishing Rice.

Goodell also announced on Monday, “Anna has been leading our internal work relating to how we address issues of domestic violence and related social issues. In this new role, she will oversee the development of the full range of education, training and support programs relating to domestic violence, sexual assault and matters of respect.”

Anna Isaacson, the present vice president of community affairs and philanthropy in NFL will be the vice president of social responsibility for the league.

A Proper Rest Is What Rory Mcllroy Wants Now

Before the Ryder Cup starts, Rory Mcllroy wants to go for a good break and get himself a rest. The promising golfer with some of the worth-naming trophies like the Open and the PGA Championship added to his list was doing pretty well in the recent time until the Tour Championship, a defeat in which made him loose the chance of grabbing a whopping amount of £7 million as prize money.

This miss out on the enormous prize has definitely disheartened the sports person leading him to think about giving his mind and body a proper rest to resume again with a new strength and spirit. Mcllroy states, “I was making bad swings at the wrong time and getting punished for them. Right now I just want to get a bit of rest and not see my golf clubs for a few days. I’m excited to take a few days off to be honest and then I will gear up for the Ryder Cup. I want to be itching to get back on the range at the end of the week.”

The Northern Irishman had a great chance of snatching the FedEx Cup on his name by just with a victory in Atlanta but it was his hard luck that finally it is Billy Horschel who won both the prizes. There is no doubt about Mcllroy being the promising and capable player but may be it is du to his lack of form or nerd for a little ret that thwarted his game.

Now, as the prestigious and leading competition Ryder Cup begins on September 26, Mcllroy needs to buckle up and get ready for showing some good game.

Speaking about his performance in the year 2014, Mcllroy said, “To win two majors, my first WGC event and give it a real good run in these FedEx events, I’m really proud of myself the way I hung in there and dug deep the last few weeks. When I look back on the year as a whole it’s been my best year to date so I can’t complain.”

U.S. Open Men’s Final between Japan’s Kei Nishikori and Croatia’s Marin Cilic!

A new history and a new glory is to be created and earned on the court in New York on Monday as two of the names who never before played the U.S Open Men’s Final will be seen as competitors. A truly exceptional case this time, the finalists in the men’s single this time are neither Novak Djokovic, Rafal Nadal nor Roger Federer. This time they are Japan’s Kei Nishikori and Croatia’s Marin Cilic.

Sensational it is as since the Australian Open final in 2005, no other name than the three were seen in the chart of finalists. But now, putting an end to the unannounced reign of the trio, two of the promising names, the 10th seed Nishikori of Japan and Cilic of Croatia are to show some good game on the court. No doubt, watching the duo in the court itself will be a new experience for the audiences.

Nishikori, amazingly, is the first Asian man ever to reach a grand slam singles final. Trained by coach Michael Chang, the former grand slam champion, Nishikori shows great promise in the court through his steel and physical strength, but the only thing missing in his game is endurance. Nishikori says about his coach, “He’s been really helpful. He’s been helping me a lot from the end of last year, (especially) mentally. I feel my tennis is changing (to be a) little more aggressive and playing with more confidence. He’s tough, but I needed someone to push me.”

Cilic, on the other hand, has returned just less than 12 months ago from a period of four-month suspension and reaching a stage like the men’s final is a great achievement for him. The 25 years old was suspended due to the intake of a banned supplement which he says was taken inadvertently.

With their experiences of beating two of the big names in the tennis world, Nishikori beating Djokovic and Cilic beating Federer, both are in great form and desperate for the trophy at present but it is only on Monday when the real winner will come out.

US Open Final: Serena Williams Vs. Caroline Wozniacki

After a storming victory over Russian Ekaterina Makarova in the US Open women’s singles semifinals, Serena Williams has made her way to meet Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark in the Finals. With Serena being the best and Wozniacki making a challenging come back to the grand slam stage, it will be worth a watch game!

Before this, in the semi final on Friday, Serena made a victory of 6-1, 6-3 over Makarova for whom it was the first ever Grand Slam semifinal. Playing against Serena was like the most exciting and gracious moment for her who later stated, “Serena, she’s a great, unbelievable player. It’s always so tough to play against her. Today she was so aggressive. Maybe I didn’t think she would be that aggressive. Like she’s just coming so early, so sometimes I was too late because she was too fast. She’s just born for tennis, kind of like Federer, I think.” The No.17 seed player seemed to be pretty impressed and spellbound to have got a chance of playing against Serena. Serena finished her match against Makarova in 59 minutes with 24 winners.

In the other semi final between Wozniacki and China’s Peng Shuai held on Friday itself, the former defeated the later at 6-7 (1), 3-4 sets. The match continued for two hours showcasing a tough fight and great drama between the two. During the match, Peng was seen taking a break for treatment after collapsing to the ground who later returned to the court only in a wheelchair and with tears in eyes.

Later, the reason for Peng’s retirement from the match was stated like this by the player, “The weather was very hot, my body was hot too, and I started to get cramps, it’s really hurting, I couldn’t even move on the court. So the doctor said to me, ‘You are not able really to go out to fight and compete, because you don’t look well’. But I said, ‘No, no, no, I don’t want to give up. I want to try one more time. And then I come back. I know I’m not going to stay too long, but I just wanted to try to challenge her one more time.”

Speaking about the match and Peng Wozniacki said, “It’s definitely very difficult. You’re out here and you want to battle and finish it off properly, but I just feel very sorry for Peng, because she played really well.”

Patrick McEnroe Announced Resignation From the USTA

Patrick McEnroe, who had been vested with the post of general manager of player development at the US Tennis Association, has announced this Wednesday that he will not be serving the association anymore. However, his service will still continue for another 4 to 6 months as he will have to provide the necessary training and guidance to his successor.

It is after the USTA announced its new project of $60 million tennis center in the Lake Nona area of Orlando, Florida, that McEnroe decided to take retirement from his job. He states the reason for the resignation by saying that he will not be able to base their full time due to certain personal and professional reasons. McEnroe has announced his resignation after his association with the USTA for a term of 6½ years.

McEnroe, also engaged with the ESPN as a TV analyst, is a former professional tennis player and was the captain of the US Davis Cup. He also has another identity in the sports world as the younger brother of John McEnroe, who was a seven-time major champion. So, it is basically for his sports background and particular association with tennis that McEnroe was a favorable person for the USTA to manage its functions. His absence will certainly be felt and missed by the USTA. The USTA executive director and COO Gordon Smith said that they will need McEnroe to be with them and guide the successors at least for another four to six months.

It is during a news conference on ESPN at the US Open that McEnroe’s departure from the USTA was being discussed. He said, “It’s very difficult to create top-level players. I think I have a newfound respect for what my parents did to create two players, one who was really good and another who was pretty good.”

ordon Smith, who was also present at the conference, said, “We hired him for a pretty narrow job there. It was elite player development. It was just about a very few players. Patrick realized that the United States really needed a broad-based, organized regional and national program. So now we are in such a different place because of what Patrick has done, what he’s brought to this country in terms of player development.”

Wes Welker of Denver Broncos Suspended from Four Games

Unexpected and disappointing happened with the Denver Broncos as the NFL will begin without one of their best players, Wes Welker. It is for the first four games of the team till which the player will remain suspended as ordered by the NFL. The allegation is that the player has used drugs to better his performance, which eventually violates the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

In addition to the loss of playing without Welker, the Broncos are facing another problem at this moment and that is, the need to prepare a new plan for the game. Although normally the announcements on violation of rules and suspended players are made on Monday, in case of Welker, it was announced only on Tuesday when the league offices had closed and the Broncos had also prepared their blueprints. As Welker was vested with an important role in the game, now with the new announcement of his suspension, the team is compelled to think about his alternative and re-think the plans.

According to the statement of the NFL, Welker has done violation in the use of amphetamines. But for the player who has had an experience of 11 years on the ground and have been the NFL’s top slot receiver over the last decade, was shocked at the decision and expressed, that he was “as shocked as everyone at today’s news.” He also said that he would “never knowingly take a substance to gain a competitive advantage in any way.” For him, these policies “are clearly flawed.”

Generally, it is seen that a player is suspended from playing only on being found with multiple violations of the league’s substance-abuse policies. But in Welker’s case, NFL banned him from four games only for a single violation of the rules.

The Denver Broncos coach John Fox said, “Tonight’s news regarding Wes is very disappointing, but we understand the league’s authority in this area. While it’s unfortunate to not have him to start the year, I have full confidence in our wide receivers and expect that group to continue playing at a high level.”

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer: Who Claims To Be the Best

Rafael Nadal’s departure from the coming season of tennis due to injury now leaves the tennis fans only with this question: who is the best between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer! However, there is another probability too, that besides the two players named here, there may be another hidden talent too who can snatch away the trophy with Djokovic and Federer holding only 50 percent win probability.

Some other players with chances of showing great game in the field other than the two maestros are Milos Raonic, who is freshly showing up from a great North American season, Kei Nishikori, and Stan Wawrinka. Andy Murray also is in the list, but still he cannot be the hot favorite yet. Some other contenders who are hoping to deliver a strong challenge to the two include Radek Stepanek with whom Djokovic had a tough game in the second at Wimbledon this summer and Toronto champion Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

If another dark horse to be named for the forthcoming season then that would be David Goffin. With earlier records like winning four tournaments in a row and a golden draw for the first two rounds, Goffin surely is a name in favor. Goffin has a bright chance of moving ahead if Grigor Dimitrov fails in surviving the tough competition from Carlos Berlocq in the second round.

Then, there is Steve Johnson in the list of unseeded dark horses who got a sub-150 qualifier in the first round of the Last American Standing. And Bernard Tomic is another who managed to win a 250 in Colombia this summer.

Other American contenders to the top players include names like John Isner, who is a promising player on the field with great records. Donald Young too has a favorable draw in his record. There is Jack Sock as well, but his chances yet cannot be declared open-heartedly.

Now only time will say who make the last laugh on the field.

Michael Sam Double Sacks, Johnny Manziel in Rams Preseason Game vs Browns

In an important match here in Cleveland on Saturday, Michael Sam the defensive end player of Rams defeated his opponent Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel twice. The match for victory between the two big players of NFL was worth a watch and at the end it was Michael Sam enjoying the last laugh.

Since the announcement of Manziel to start the season as the backup, it was the first preseason game for the quarterback player and testing defeat in the first game itself, of course is not so pleasant. There have been quite a few headlines created by the player right since his first game in the season, including him showing the middle finger to a bench of Washington Redskins’. However, the incident of Manziel being mocked with the money gesture too is one that made some news.

It was in the fourth quarter of the St. Louis Rams’ preseason game played against the Cleveland Browns Saturday night. As expected, the centers of attraction were only Sam and Manziel and much to everybody’s interest, the real game was between the two heroes only. But it was the young Sam who showed great game sacking his opponent twice.

At a time when Sam is in a battle to make the Rams’ roster, this achievement on his part is going to pay him a lot of benefits. However, Sam did not miss a chance of showing his attitude on the ground as he was seen marching down the field making mocking ‘money’ gesture at Manziel by rubbing his fingers together.

Re-injured in Shoulder, Braxton Miller to Miss the 2014 Season

Braxton Miller, the two-time Big Ten player of the year and Ohio State star quarterback has been compelled to leave practice in pain on Monday after he got re-injured in his shoulder. It was a short throw that the player made immediately after which he started feeling pains in his shoulder. With the departure of this star player from the team, the fifth-ranked Buckeyes’ hope for the national title is in doubts.

At late afternoon, Tuesday, Ohio confirmed the injury and the news of the player missing the 2014 Season. It further stated that the Miller will need to undergo a surgery to overcome from the injury.

Miller, stating about his condition, says, “My goal is to come back from this injury stronger and better than ever.”

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said, “My thoughts and prayers are with Braxton and his family. This is an unfortunate injury to a young man who means so much to this program.”

Absence of Miller from the season will be a big loss to the Ohio State team as he is one of the best in the Big Ten and also in the country. A team which has already suffered from many other drawbacks will have to face big challenges in the game without a good player like Miller.

Earlier to getting re-injured in his right shoulder, Miller was suffering from a partial tore of the labrum in his shoulder while playing against the Clemson at the Orange Bowl. He went through a surgery later this injury and was on rest during the spring practice. This month as well, the player was kept away from several practices due to the soreness of his shoulder.

It is now J.T. Barrett to play Miller’s top backup in the team and to take part as the starter in the Aug. 30 opener to be held against Navy in Baltimore.

Johnny Manziel May Get Fined For Passing Wrong Gesture at the Opponents

Johnny Manziel, who is recently in the news for showing the middle finger to the Redskins bench following a play on Monday night, is in return, mocked with the “money” gesture by the Washington Redskins. The NFL (National Football League) is soon to flash the money gesture now for Manziel but that will of course display the literal meaning of the symbol for the player.

The first night in the Browns’ second preseason game, definitely, did not go well for the player with many negative things happening to him. Those include him being sacked by the Washington Redskins players, being mocked by Brian Orakpo with the money sign and then Manziel’s poor performance in the game.

It was the Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo, who showed the money sign to Manziel after the latter failed in nine throws out of the 16 passes. This was enough for provoking Johnny to show his middle finger to the bench of the Redskins right in his first NFL match.

Manziel later calls the gesture of the Washington Redskins as a “lapse of judgment.” According to the coach of Cleveland Browns, Mike Pettine, the gesture “does not sit well.”

However, with the cameras recording Manziel’s gesture and broadcasted it on the national TV, this could be a problem for the player on once being proved for his illicit body language. The fines charged to the player may go above $11,000 for showing the middle finger in the third quarter of the Browns’ 24-23 preseason.

The Most Hi-Tech Sports Venue- Levi’s Stadium

The smart stadium of the age is here now and is named as the Levi’s Stadium. The hi-tech features of this stadium are meant to let all its viewers enjoy latest technologies in the stadium while enjoying the games of their favorite players. The unique feature of this stadium is that it has a capacity of 70,000+ audiences and allows all to connect to Wi-Fi and 4G networks.

The official grand opening of the stadium will take place on September 9 with the first regular-season NFL game will be held there on the very day. This stadium has been termed as the most tech-advanced stadium in the world and there are adequate reasons behind that. The amazing part is that there will be facilities like stats, replays, and other media in the stadium when no live action will be taking place on the ground.

Al Guido, the COO of the 49ers states, “The 49ers wanted to transform the in-stadium fan experience and make it possible to see the action live but still have the similar features that a fan has at home while watching the game on TV.”

The VP of technology for Levi’s Stadium, Dan Williams, explained that there are 400 miles of cabling in the stadium of which 70 miles are dedicated to connecting the 1,200 distributed antenna systems for serving the Wi-Fi routers for every 100 seats throughout the stadium. It provides 40 gigabits per second of bandwidth and this is 40 times more Internet bandwidth capacity than found in any other US stadiums.

Also, there are about 1,700 high-tech beacons in the stadium that uses the latest version of the Bluetooth Low Energy standard for giving people directions to their seats or to other places in the stadium.

Sony is a name in the partners that have contributed towards making the stadium so hi-tech with its technologies in the control room, over 2,000 Sony TVs around the venue, 70 4K TVs, and two giant LED displays all over.

Notre Dame Suspected Academic Dishonesty and Suspended Four Football Players

On the basis of “suspected academic dishonesty”, the University of Notre Dame has suspended four of its football players from practice and game and has announced an investigation on them. The allegation on them is that someone else had done course work for them instead of the real players going for it. The players are being suspended for the season.

The four suspended players include KeiVarae Russell, the best cornerback of the team, DaVaris Daniels, the leading returning receiver, Ishaq Williams, the defensive end and Kendall Moore, the backup linebacker. All the four players are made to hold out of practice during the investigation session.

The investigation is expected to go up to the other players and even the non-athletes as well in order to deliver justice to the issue. The results of the investigation, if found fraud, may be severe too with the school being forced to vacate key victories in which the players are engaged with.

In the meanwhile, when the school will be undergoing the investigations, the NCAA will ponder over the matter whether any additional punishment is to be assigned to the players. The additional punishments may include anything like loss of scholarships and/or recruiting privileges.

Before all these scandals happened, Notre Dame was ranking at No. 17 in the preseason USA Today/Coaches poll, but may degrade now with four of its players found foul.