Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacked by OurMine group

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is the latest victim of a string of attacks against renowned names in the technology industry, claimed by OurMine hacking group.

The incident took place early Saturday morning, when the team of hackers posted a series of clips on the social network’s Vine video sharing platform, mocking Twitter for its various security issues.

OurMine, once they gained access to Mr. Dorsey’s account, posted a tweet on his profile mentioning, “Hey, its OurMine,we are testing your security”.

Twitter managed to resolve the issue within a forty-five-minute time frame, while it also erased all the tweets and clips that the group shared on the two platforms. Though, a few news outlets did manage to take screenshots of the now deleted content.

OurMine is known for conducting hackings of this particular nature, as in the recent past they had also hijacked former Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg Twitter profiles.

Furthermore, it was confirmed by Twitter itself that both Mr. Zuckerberg’s and Mr. Costolo’s profiles were hacked via a third-party app connected to their accounts, or through recycled and old passwords.

Reports coming in now regarding Saturday’s hacking, claim that that is what happened with Mr. Dorsey’s account as well, most likely via Vine.

If that turns out to be true, then the social networking giant’s authority will certainly be questioned, since Twitter itself in a press release stated that its servers were not compromised during the attacks, and therefore various data breaches from third party apps should be the culprit.

As far as the reason behind these coordinated attacks is concerned, OurMine’s motivations do not appear to be linked with any sort of hacktivism movements, such as Anonymous and alike.

Sources close to the matter suggest that this type of hacks could be regarded as pure vandalism.

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Court approves Apple $450M e-book settlement

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has garnered final approval from a U.S. court after agreeing to pay $450 million to consumers who have been harmed with the alleged conspiracy to raise e-book prices. Apple stands to pay up to $400 million to nearly 23 million consumers should they be found guilty of violating anti-trust allegations. The highly unusual accord was arrived at on the eve of the trial.

With this development, Apple can continue to appeal the July 2013 ruling tied up with the anti-trust violations. Apple is being accused for colluding with e-book publishers to drive up prices with the hope of waylaying rivals like

Apple had agreed to settle as early as June before the trial came out where about 33 states, territories and lawyers on behalf of some consumers were expected to seek up to $840 million in damages.

Under the agreement, Apple will be paying over $400 million to consumers plus and an additional $50 million to lawyers should the appeal be upheld. In the event that it would be overturned, the Cupertino-based company will owe only $50 million and $20 million to consumers and lawyers respectively. However a new trial may likely ensue.

The structured new deal was considered highly unusual by U.S. Judge Denise Cote although she understood why the plaintiffs agreed to the accord, given the delaying tactics on the side of Apple. The federal appeals court is scheduled to hear the appeal this coming December 15.

The e-book publishers tied up with the Electronic Books Antitrust Litigation case are Lagardere SCA’s Hachette Book Group Inc, News Corp’s Harper Collins Publishers LLC, Penguin Group (USA) Inc, CBS Corp’s Simon & Schuster Inc and Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH’s Macmillan.

Nintendo Smash Bros. Wii U makes smashing debut

Nintendo (NASDAQ:NTDOY) officially launches the Smash Bros. for Wii U, the company’s first online game aimed to provide gamers with a new multiplayer playing experience. The Smash Bros for Wii U version is the latest offering by Nintendo where up to 8 players can jump in and play simultaneously.

At first, there were concerns on how efficient the game would run, especially considering that Nintendo was known as a “not getting” the Internet group. Surprisingly, many were impressed at the actual game play, smooth despite using high resolution and detailed graphics. Other consoles had their share of online issues and with Nintendo being technically a newcomer, the smoothness of game play was certainly a good first step.

The Wii U version does offer better graphics. Players can expect impressive backgrounds and character animations, all presented impressively in detail that should all the more enhances a player’s gaming experience.

The Smash Bros Wii U comes with features that include difference game modes. This includes Classic Mode, Event Mode and the Special Orders Mode. There is even a Stage Builder which allows users to create and design their own levels.

Smash Bros Wii U is something that can be played casually among family and friends. However, challenges may transform players into serious playing ones who want to conquer the difficult levels.

The game has been touted as very addicting which could be attributed to the magnificent blend of high resolution graphics paired and game play. And for all that, Smash Bros Wii U is considered one of the company’s finest achievement yet.

Blackberry and Samsung Security Platforms are to Unite

On Thursday, BlackBerry made this announcement that BlackBerry and Samsung are joining hands for the betterment of its device’s security system and also for better mobile-device management. With this union of the two giant companies, the shares are also increasing 7 percent higher.

The coming together of BlackBerry and Samsung is hoped to bring great improvements in the security system of the handsets, especially the Android devices by Samsung. Both, being the world’s No. 1 smartphone makers, are going to provide a “highly secure mobility solution” for the Samsung’s Android device users and is expected that the security solutions are to be enabled in the devices in early 2015.

John Jackson, a technology analyst at IDC, said, “The partnership with Samsung is a very big deal. It’s hard to imagine a partnership with more significant practical impact potential.”
This is going to be a long term commitment between the two smartphone makers and John Sims, BlackBerry’s head of enterprise services, called the deal “the tip of the iceberg.” He also added, “To make this Samsung partnership happen, we went to the highest levels of both companies, so this is a very serious relationship.”

There are some other enhancements as well that are going to be visible in both the company’s handsets. BlackBerry is about to make a round of improvements in its products which include introducing mobile video-conferencing via its messaging app and another feature of dividing usage costs between employer and employee.

The newly created platform, the BlackBerry Enterprise Service, or BES12, is going to make the security system of the mobile devices even stronger and better. It is not that only BlackBerry’s mobile devices will be secured with this new platform; in fact, all other operating systems such as Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows platform are to be secured through it.

Facebook Cuts Down Its Privacy Policy to 70 Percent Shorter One

After facing lot many criticisms from its users due to its unnecessarily lengthy privacy policy, Facebook is finally acting on cutting down the privacy policy and making it simpler. The long privacy policy would otherwise make things more complex and difficult to understand for an average user.

Working on the alteration of the privacy policy, Facebook has now cut the illustrations into short subsections with some essential changes like explaining what types of information Facebook collects and how it uses the data. Users are now going to find the new policy, 70 percent shorter than the old one. The policy, earlier on, used to make it more complicated for the users to understand the whole concept of the social media site rather than making one feel; comfortable with it. Now, with the new policy, it is hoped that it will be easier for the users to digest the terms explained.

Although the edited version of the privacy policy has not yet been put to work, it is announced that users are to avail them very soon. Till then, users are being provided with a timeline up till 20 Nov. to comment or ask questions about the policy.

Five important changes that Facebook has made in its data policy include-

Tracking the location: Facebook, from now on, will allow businesses to target specific users and present ads to them basing on the location of the users. The “current city” option in the profile of the users will help the businesses to target its audiences and provide advertisement of products and services likewise. Moreover, the location of the device can also be tracked by checking the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.

Tracks users’ activity: Facebook will track the activities of its users. For instance, it will keep a track of its users to see who is using the social media site as a gateway to enter into other websites or mobile apps, who is entering into other business sites and so on.

Ads for its visitors: Users will be targeted specifically by the business sites on Facebopok. If a person has visited a particular shopping site or any other business site, then that business site seek Facebook’s permission to present more advertisement to that person. However, there will be options of the users to opt out of this system of receiving ads if they wish to. For that, users living in US can go to the link

Collects every information of users: Facebook will collect each and every information about its users and will keep an eye on them. It said, “We collect the content and other information you provide when you use our Services, including when you sign up for an account, create or share, and message or communicate with others.” The use of the information from the site is also examined, “such as the types of content you view or engage with or the frequency and duration of your activities.”

Shoppers’ eased: Facebook is making it easy for the shopoholics to buy things directly from the site. To do so, users will have to express their interest as then Facebook will collect information about their transaction, including credit card number and billing and shipping address.

New Free Version of Office Software Released by Microsoft

Apple iPhone and iPad users are going to enjoy free versions of Office software by Microsoft right from now onwards. Following the so-called ‘‘freemium’’ strategy, Microsoft is taking up this new step of offering free software to its users. It is seen that lately, many other popular and newer companies are opting for this “freemium” strategy in order to gain more popularity and acceptance among consumers.

As always, the significance of the Microsoft Office is beyond any doubt and the software giant has realized it very well. Hence, by offering its new updates on the Office software for free it is only making the world get more dependant and sincere towards it. What is more, after making the world a little more dependant on its updated and widely used products, it ensures to retain a fixed number of users even if the price of the products gets a little hiked.

Maribel Lopez, a mobile tech analyst at Lopez Research said, for online software ‘‘There’s going to be a handful of tech companies that everyone depends on. Microsoft wants to make sure they’re one of them.’’

However, the battle to survive and still rank amongst the forerunners in the software world, Microsoft have had to undergo great challenges and hurdles. Initially, a desktop software maker, Microsoft today is providing its high-end and modern software to the mobile devices very well. It has tailor-made its software to be suitable to be used in smartphones and other mobile devices while having tough competition from rivals like Google, Apple etc. At the end of the day, Microsoft is doing pretty well and is using the marketing tactics at its best to retain in the business.

Mentioning about workers being more reliable and competent with other devices other than the desktop PCs, Michael Atalla, director of Microsoft’s Office apps product management adds, ‘‘We want to make sure they can move seamlessly from one to another.’’ They have thus, ensured that their software is compatible with every other device.

It is on Thurday, Microsoft released its new free version of the Office software comprising Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Users can now replace their limited iPhone version and upgrade to this more powerful set of apps. There will be no more limited features in this software like the old iPhone version.

Apple’s 18K Gold Watch to bear a hefty price tag

At its launch event, Tim Cook, the boss of Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) finally announced that its upcoming watch will be priced at $350. However, it is anticipated cost for the bottom-rung design, the Apple Watch Sport. How much the immensely decorative 18K gold Apple Watch Edition price? We do not have an idea as of now, however, a French Apple blog is alleging this week the watch will cost somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000.

An instant scrutiny of Google Shopping highlights that complete 18K luxury watches (not the just gold-plated watches) tend to run higher of $10,000, and can carry a price tag of as much as $30,000, though a number of these timepieces are invested with a lot more gold than the Apple Timepiece will. That apart, 18K gold is costly, and in spite of all its fascination, Apple can’t simply wait for its cost to fall as of this penning down, one ounce of 18K gold costs nearly $858.

Eventually, we won’t know what the super-class Apple Watch will be priced until Apple informs us.

Apple Device Users May Have Affected by A New Form of Malware

It is perhaps time for the Apple device users to be careful and beware as according to the Security software provider, Palo Alto Networks, countless numbers of Apple devices have chances of being affected by a new form of malware. Well, this sounds horrible and is definitely a matter to worry about for the Apple users.

However, this has also been made clear by the security software provider that only the Apple users based in China are prone to be affected by this malware. There is also an adequate reason behind this. As stated by the Palo Alto Networks the name of this malware is WireLurker and it has got to spread to the Apple devices through USB cables. When a person connects his apple device to an infected computer through a USB cable, the malicious applications get installed into the device.

The basic drawback of the malware, as found so far, is that it steals a variety of information from the mobile devices. However, the purpose behind the stealing of information is not yet known. The Palo Alto Networks says that the primary source of the malware from which it is spreading to hundreds of thousands of Apple devices is Maiyadi App Store which is a third-party Mac applications store in China. When applications are downloaded from this store, the malicious contents too gets downloaded.

Apple has, however, not yet made any comment on this matter, although they are being contacted by the Associated Press for further news on the matter.

Not All Messaging Apps Are Fully Secure But Six Are

As stated by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), there are only six messaging applications that pass the security test and the rest of the widely and easily availed apps are actually not safe for its users.

A total of 39 services were being examined for security check by EFF but sadly, only six out of those could be finally declared as secured. The security check covered all popularly found apps provided by Apple, Google, Facebook, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

The security check of the messaging apps was done on the basis of seven features. These include – is data encrypted in transit; is the encrypted to create problem for the provider in reading it; can the service verify the identities of its contacts; whether the past communications will remain secure if keys are stolen; can the code be reviewed independently; is the security design properly documented; and has the code been audited? Out of the 39 apps, only a few managed to pass the test of the EFF. The six apps which managed to satisfy the EFF requirements are ChatSecure + Orbot, Cryptocat, RedPhone, Silent Phone, Silent Text, and TextSecure.

The EFF said, “In the face of widespread Internet surveillance, we need a secure and practical means of talking to each other from our phones and computers. Many companies offer ‘secure messaging’ products—but are these systems actually secure? Most of the tools that are easy for the general public to use don’t rely on security best practices—including end-to-end encryption and open source code. Messaging tools that are really secure often aren’t easy to use; everyday users may have trouble installing the technology, verifying its authenticity, setting up an account, or may accidentally use it in ways that expose their communications.”

So, users of messaging apps better rethink over the use of insecure apps and go for the ones that passed the EFF requirements.

Another Google Update: New Gmail 5.0 And Calendar Apps For Android Devices

Rolling updates one after another, Google is showering its users with new and advanced apps and services everyday. The latest of the Google updates are its new Gmail 5.0 and Calendar apps which are specially designed for the Android devices. The internet giant is doing all this magic with the new Material Design interface.

It is just on Monday, when Google announced its latest updates for its android users. Although the Gmail 5.0 will hit its users only after a few days, the Calendar app, however, is ready to be availed with the Android 5.0 Lollipop right since Monday. Users will only have to possess android devices running Android 4.1 and higher for using the Calendar app. The Gmail update will be compatible with Android 4.0 and higher devices.

Speaking about the need to update the Calendar app, Google stated through its blog post, “Calendars (like email) should do better-especially on phones and tablets-so we set out to build one that’s always at your service.”

With access to the new Gmail update, users will be able to access all email providers like Yahoo Mail, Outlook and more – using POP/ IMAP. There will be quite many Material Design style changes a reply button at the bottom of every message for replying to emails quickly just on one touch, easy switching of accounts and the different inbox categories, a new round compose button, a new send button, a new accounts menu, etc.

Similarly, there are many enhancements in the Calender app as well. These include options for automatically creating events like flight and concert ticket bookings, hotel reservations, etc., from Gmail emails. The best part is that these events will be updated in real time and in case if there is any change, then the user will be informed through the mails.

Facebook Joins The Tor Network Just Recently

Facebook, a social networking site which is more commonly known as an open book where the users gets to hide the least if their identity, have now taken a new move to join Tor, a Tor hidden service that Facebook launched on Friday.

Tor, known as web’s most anonymous network, in association with Facebook is hoping to help users in safeguarding their identity and privacy to an extent. As stated by Facebook, this sis going to be a benefit to the Facebook users and will let one retain his privacy from being unmasked. However, things are not as direct and simple as it is being said because this new site can be accessed only by those users running the Tor software. Others, not using the software will be bounced through three extra encrypted hops to random computers around the Internet. This will, in other words, make it difficult for any network spy trying to trace the origin of the traffic.

Runa Sandvik, a former Tor developer and also the person behind advising Facebook about the project, said, “No, you’re not anonymous to Facebook when you log in, but this provides a huge benefit for users who want security and privacy. You get around the censorship and local adversarial surveillance, and it adds another layer of security on top of your connection.”

Some of the key functions generally performed by Tow include letting users hide their identities from the sites they visit, remaining unknown while buying drugs on the Silk Road, uploading leaked documents to news sites through SecureDrop and avoid censorship and surveillance in the user’s connection.

But for the time being, Tor users have not been able to access Facebook as Facebook has blocked their connections due to various users are trying to log in from unusual IP addresses all over the world. This may result into leaking of the confidential identity data of the users and hence, users are unable to access the social networking site over Tor.

Facebook security engineer Alec Muffett said, “Tor challenges some assumptions of Facebook’s security mechanisms—for example its design means that from the perspective of our systems a person who appears to be connecting from Australia at one moment may the next appear to be in Sweden or Canada. Considerations like these have not always been reflected in Facebook’s security infrastructure, which has sometimes led to unnecessary hurdles for people who connect to Facebook using Tor.”

Microsoft Finally Announces Its Plan of a New Office Software Package for Mac

Finally, Microsoft has made the announcement that was much rumored and awaited by the Mac computer users. The giant in the software making industry has made it clear that it will design and release a new version of the Office software package for Mac computers, but to avail it users will have to wait till 2015.

However, the Office package to be released by Microsoft is not the first of its kind for the Mac PCs as before this as well it has introduced the Outlook email program. The program is being released through the company’s Office 365 subscription service. It costs $100 a year, but this is not the full office package. Hence, Mac users are obvious to look out for the full version. Generally Microsoft releases programs for Mac a year after it produces a new version for Windows and according to that, the software should have been releasing this year. But this time, there will be an exceptional delay.

The notable thing is that Mac has not been awarded with a new Office package since 2010 and this has been a pretty long wait for the Mac users. On the contrary, new Windows was released only a year and a half ago. Stating the reason for the delay, Microsoft said that’s this is because they were busy in producing Office versions for smartphones and tablets.

Leading Man behind Android Leaves Google

As confirmed by the internet giant Google, Andy Rubin, who was playing a significant role in the company with many important responsibilities to deliver at different times, has left the company.

Andy Rubin is leaving the company for creating an incubator for hardware startups and Google has agreed to give consent to his resignation on a happy note. Leaving a person who has been playing many important roles for a company is tough, but Google has no regret in letting him go and let him do what he wishes to. It was Andy only who first owned the Android Inc., a small start up before, but a most widely used and liked operating system now.

On Andy’s decision of leaving Google, Google chief executive Larry Page said, “I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next. With Android he created something truly remarkable — with a billion plus happy users. Thank you.”

Andy was a co-founder of the Android Inc., and when the company was bought by Google in 2005, he became an executive with Google. Until last year, it was Andy only who was leading the Android and was looking after each and every important change and update of the operating system. Hence, one must acknowledge and agree to the significant role played by Andy while being in Google.

It was only last year when Andy switched his job responsibilities from Android to managing the robotics team at Google.

The Federal Communications Commission Postpones Low-Frequency Airwaves Auction

As announced by the Federal Communications Commission on Friday, the auction of low-frequency airwaves will be postponed till early 2016 due to the rising complexity of the pursuit and court challenges filed by broadcasters.

The auction of the airwaves otherwise was showing good progress which the commission even termed as “consistent progress” but in spite of that there will be delay now in the auction. Gary Eipstein, chair of the FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force posted in a blog, “Crafting the right policy decisions and designing a novel two-sided auction are important, but those decisions by themselves are not sufficient to ensure the auction’s success. We also need broadcasters to participate.”

The auction was originally scheduled to be held in 2015 and was to be contested by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Now with this announcement of delay, the FCC will get more time to convince TV network owners to take part in the auction by selling their airwaves for wireless use. Once this auction turns out to be successful, there will be many profits and benefits for the small mobile broadband service providers. The ones to be benefited include Sprint and T-Mobile who are smaller in comparison to AT&T and Verizon Wireless and faces huge challenge from these companies.

There will be many lucrative and useful options like entering into a channel-sharing agreement with another broadcaster, going off-air or even being moved to a lower frequency channel at a lower bid etc for the participants in the auction. FCC has made sure that the number of the participants increases with more fruitful results obtained.

A Microsoft Smartwatch Heading to the Market during the Holidays

At a time when almost all the noted electronic and computing good maker is coming up with their latest introduction- a smartwatch, Microsoft too seems not to sit back. The computer software and consumer electronics maker is soon to hit the holiday shopping stores with is brand new concept and product, the smartwatch!

The smartwatch is expected to be in the market in the next few weeks and there is a number of striking new features that the wearable device is to sport. As stated by the Forbes, the smartwatch is to feature software to track a wearer’s heart rate and is also going to be capable of syncing with various mobile platforms. It can be synced with iPhones, Android devices and Windows Phones.

But if one asks as to what is to special and different about the new smartwatch to be introduced by Microsoft when a range of other leading brands are already doing well in the market then one have to give an attention to the battery capacity of the device. As stated by Forbes, the wearable device is to pack a long-lasting battery and this will enable the watch to stay alive and work till more than two days between charges. This is one quality which is, however, not found in Samsung’s Galaxy Gear or the Moto 360.

It was back in 2012 only when the news about a “wearable personal information system” was in the air. The product spoken about here was to come with a miniature computing device that can be locked into a wristband. This device can be removed and mounted later on to charge or sync data. But Microsoft had not responded to PCMag’s request for comment at that time.

Apple iPad Air 2: More Refined and Elegant in A Simple Skin

Apple CEO Tim Cook, while unveiling the Apple iPad Air 2, in his own cool and poised way let all know what is so special about the new tablet. Also, in addition to speaking about the new device, Cook did not forget to paddle the wheel back and recount the success of all its previous iPad models.

At the first sight, the iPad Air 2 looks just the very similar to its predecessor, the iPad Air. But Cook’s statement on the quality of the device, its enhanced capabilities and better performing features than its predecessor in stead of its same simple and elegant look makes things clear and easy for the fans.

Apple is a proud maker of the iPads in stead of it being repeatedly and largely challenged by a number of new technologies and devices coming into the market. There are phablets, two-in-ones, lighter laptops today in the market for alluring more buyers but despite that, Apple iPads hold a different place of popularity and magnificence which buyers never hesitate to buy and this eventually makes the device to earn “best tablet on the market” approval from reviewers.

After the launch of the iPad Air 2, although the device have been able to gain mixed response and feedbacks from its buyers, there are some who have found a similar quality in it as has been stated by Cook. They says that the predecessor of the tablet, the iPad Air was definitely the best tablet, but the Air 2 is better with the Touch ID sensor, a friendlier screen, a slimmer body and some internal improvements.

Dropbox Denies the Rumor of Its 7 Million Accounts Being Hacked

Although this has been claimed and publicly announced by hackers that they have successfully hacked the accounts of 6.9 million users of Dropbox, but the cloud storage company is on its stand that no account has been hacked. In spite of repeated claims by the hackers, Dropbox have been denying the hacking and is assuring its users of their safe accounts.

Dropbox is firm on its stand that out of its more than 100 million accounts, none has been hacked by the hackers and the users of the storage service provider need not worry about anything.

Assuring its users, Anton Mityagin said: “Recent news articles claiming that Dropbox was hacked aren’t true. Your stuff is safe. The usernames and passwords referenced in these articles were stolen from unrelated services, not Dropbox. Attackers then used these stolen credentials to try to log in to sites across the internet, including Dropbox. We have measures in place to detect suspicious login activity and we automatically reset passwords when it happens.”

The story of the Dropbox accounts hacking came into discussion only then when news of hacking got published in a website called Pastebin. The post contained a list of hundreds of email ID and passwords further claiming that these are just some samples and a total of 7 million accounts have been hacked by it. The post also carried a demand of donations in digital currency Bitcoin so that the hackers will in return provide details on the Dropbox security flaws.

But after the denial of hacking by Dropbox, the hacker released another list online and Dropbox again responded, “We’ve checked and these are not associated with Dropbox accounts.”

However, Dropbox has suggested its users that if any of them are holding multiple email accounts with the same password for all then they better keep changing them regularly and also go through the two-step verification process. There are certain e-mail service providers that have two step verification processes which ensure better safety and security of their accounts.

GoPro offers Amazing New Hero4 Cameras

When it is about anything exceptional in the cameras, it is always GoPro. This is one name in the manufacturers of cameras where one can find rugged little cameras for all the extraordinary adventures like surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. This time as well, the brand is ready to wow its users, but through a line of newly designed and amazingly featured cameras, named them Hero4.

Vacationers hope to have a great time this holiday season with the new range of GoPro exciting cameras. Designed to fit all pockets and to suit any adventurous vacationer, each of the Hero4 cameras has quality features and a great performing capability. One of the models, the Hero4 Silver costing $400 comes with a touch screen which is first of a kind. Another version of its cameras features a size of that of a palm and the good news is that this costs only $130. Third version of the Hero4 costs $500 and looks dashing in Black. The specialty of this version of the camera is that it has a four times faster processor for shooting video, i.e., it shoots 4K video at 30 frames a second.

The GoPro cameras, however, made it sure that the smartphones do not replace these in terms of features like mobility and picture quality. It has, therefore, added two things as unique features which include, first, these can be stuck in places easily where a phone may not fit and second, there is a 170 degree wide-angle lens on the GoPro cameras which makes pictures easy to be focused and captured.

Another one-of-a-kind feature of the GoPros is its solid imaging technology that comes packed into a tiny package. There are improved sensors and processors for enabling users to click better shots and more creative options.

Ford Mustang 2015 EcoBoost is equipped with an Active Noise Control System

A car, a name that was once the greatest and the best known American muscle car, today has lost its dignity and perhaps would lose its name as well through its act of cheap show off. Although that is what some people and rivals of the car manufacturing company thinking, Ford Mustang, however, have a totally different story to say.

According to the makers of the Ford Mustang 2015 EcoBoost, the model has got an Active Noise Control system in it which is designed to relieve the driver from lessening the noise created by the engine. They are saying that the engine sound has been processed to be heard through the speakers of the vehicle and it is more like amplifying the sound. The company insists that the sound delivered is not artificial and comes directly from the engine only. But for some, it sounds more like piping in the engine sounds through the car’s speakers which is not real but only a show off.

Dave Perciak, chief engineer for the Ford Mustang, said that this processing of the engine sound I more like amplifying “the existing engine sound order.”

Ford has tried to cope up with the traditional roaring sound of the engine that is normally seen in the muscle car engines. It is for dealing with this engine sound problem that they have implemented Active Noise Control through which the driver can both cancel the noise and enjoy a more “authentic” experience of listening to it through the speakers.

Well, this sounds new and interesting, but it will depend on the consumers mostly as to how they accept this feature of the Ford Mustang. For some, it may be artificial and useless and for some it may be stylish and new!

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Got Bent: How Will Apple Deal with It?

Apple had just finished releasing its latest iPhones in the market and buyers too just had got themselves the new phones and then all of a sudden, there arises an issue. The latest issue in front of Apple now is its bent phone.

According to some of the buyers of the iPhone 6 Plus, on keeping the handset in pocket for hours, it gets bent. Well, this is something really new that had never been heard of or thought of. Now the question is what will Apple do to handle this problem and how will it respond to the complaint of its dissatisfied users.

A reporter from The Next Web queried an Apple support representative in the following words, “So does a bent enclosure occurring during normal use fit under the warranty?” To this, the support rep explained that this decision totally depends on the Genius at the store who conducts a Visual Mechanical Inspection and the device will have to pass in this test. If any such problem is within the guidelines, then the replacement expense will be covered but if not, then the replacement would have to be paid.

>em>Some information found on the “iPhone Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guide” of 2012, states, “The iPhone warranty covers failures caused solely by manufacturing defects” and “Catastrophic damage caused by abuse and interoperability caused by installation of unauthorized software is not serviceable.”

If these two points of the guide are to be judged, then it will have to be confirmed with Apple as to whether they would consider the bending issue as a manufacturing defect or not. Also, it will have to be confirmed that keeping the phone in pocket for long hours is not a problem. If any of these points get cleared with the manufacturer, it will be easier for the users to determine whether they are going to get a free replacement or not.