First Trailer of Mad Max: Fury Road is released!

The fourth Mad Max film’s trailer is out for public at San Diego Comic-Con with the Australian director George Miller seen making notable changes in the movie replacing the lead actor Mel Gibson with Tom Hardy. The new star cast of the movie includes Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Hugh Keays-Byrne- who was also seen in the first Mad Max film.

Miller, the director of the film said, “Chase movies are the purest form of cinema. [I] wanted to make one long chase and pick up the story along the way. It was certainly familiar, but a lot of time has passed, the technology has changed.”

Fury Road, as told by the director is a continuous chase movie and will take the story of the original film further. Chalize Theron plays an important role in the film with her head shaved for playing the character of Imperator Furiosa. Hugh Keays-Byrne was previously seen playing Toecutter in the first film and is now the chief villain Immortan Joe. Miller and his co-writers, British comic-book artist Brendan McCarthy being a prominent name among those, have knitted a chase story in the movie which they says is not a conventional script.

After the first three films of the series, Mad Max in 1979, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior in 1981 and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome in 1985; Miller took a gap of 25 years for making the fourth. Shooting for the Fury Road was a troublesome experience for the team with instances of shooting for the film moving from New South Wales to Namibia. It was the heavy rain that led the Australian desert bloom with wildflowers which made them think of shifting the shooting location to Namibia.

According to a hint given by the director, like the previous movies where oil crisis was the theme, this one too gives the same message. He believes that the history has been repeated now as well with people on earth fighting oil wars ever since.

Watch the trailer:

Google bought Twitch for $1 Billion

The game livestreaming firm Twitch has been bought by Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) for $1 billion and it is finally confirmed. Sources close to the web giant has confirmed the news; however, Google or Twitch is yet to make any comment on it. Both the companies are expected to spill the beans at the GamesBeat 2014 event to be held in September.

The news is kind of certain as it has also been known that the Twitch investors are satisfied with the deal as they will be receiving an amount many times more than what they have originally invested. With this deal, live streaming is expected to go a long way and competitive gaming is to get a new significance in the days coming. Millions of viewers are expected to be associated with live competitive gaming, resulting into something with prize pools that can even surpass the pro golf’s marquee events. It is going to prove a billion dollar platform for the advertisers as well.

Twitch, began in June 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, has more than 50 million monthly active users and also more than 1.1 million members who are associated with this video platform for broadcasting videos each month. It is a San Francisco-based company which lets its users to broadcast their gameplay sessions on the PC, Xbox One or
PlayStation 4 to online viewers. There are sometimes of millions of online viewers in Twitch who enjoy the games of both expert and the average layers. As reported by Sandvine, in March, this viewership was 1.35 percent of all Internet traffic and this is amazing.

The unique qualities of both, Google as the most opted innovative search engine and Twitch as the world’s leading video platform and gaming community are expected to do wonders following their association and this has, eventually, pleased the online gamers.

Hubble Space Telescope discovers three dry Exoplanets

The three Jupiter exoplanets which were being examined by the astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope with the hope of finding water vapor are instead found as pretty dry. The trio, dubbed HD 189733b, HD 209458b and WASP-12b that are orbiting stars and are similar to the sun were point of great expectation for the scientists and astronomers with signs of possessing water vapor in its atmosphere but unfortunately, it is not so.

The standard planet-formation theories too went wrong in case of these three exoplanets as the amount of water found in these is very little than predicted by the theories. The prediction was made based on the temperature of the exoplanets that ranges between 1,500 degrees to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nikku Madhusudhan, the lead author of the study and a faculty at Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, England stated, “Our water measurement in one of the planets, HD 209458b is the highest-precision measurement of any chemical compound in a planet outside our solar system, and we can now say with much greater
certainty than ever before that we’ve found water in an exoplanet.

However, the low water abundance we have found so far is quite astonishing. We have to revisit planet formation and migration models of giant planets, especially ‘hot Jupiters,’ and investigate how they’re formed. We should be prepared for much lower water abundances than predicted when looking at super-Earths.”

Selena Gomez Spotted with Her Rumored New Man Tommy Chiabra


Selena Gomez, the new generation singing sensation, entering into 22 years of age, is in the news these days for her latest love rumors with Tommy Chiabra, a businessman by profession. Selena, who is no more with her boyfriend Justin Bieber, has moved ahead in life and the pictures of the pop star with this new mystery man have made it much clearer.

The mystery man creating all the buzzes from a few days has now been unveiled and is identified as Tommaso (Tommy) Chiabra. Tommy Chiabra is the founder and chairman of Royal Yacht and was gossiped to have romantic links with the “Gossip Girl” star Jessica Szohr. But proving the recent rumors about him and Jessica wrong, Tommy is now seen hanging around Selena celebrating her birthday in Saint Tropez on Tuesday evening.

The sights of the duo, Selena and Tommy getting cozy in the company of each other make it crystal clear to understand their chemistry. Apart from the partying pictures of the duo in Saint Tropez, there are some more including the ones on the deck of a yacht on last Tuesday and another where she is holding him while riding a Jet Ski.

The love birds are, however, accompanied by a friend of Selena too; model Cara Delevingne who is spotted with them in Saint Tropez and also in the yacht.

Although Selena’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is nowhere to be seen with her now and both have publicly showed their partition by uploading their respective pictures with new partners, Bieber seems to have missed even a chance of wishing the brunette beauty on her birthday publicly. A happy looking Selena is, however, not late in thanking her fans back for their birthday wishes in Twitter.

Two Ukrainian Fighter Jets Shot Down with Fighting Getting Deeper


Military officials in Ukraine report that two Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jets are being shot down by rebels near the village of Dmytrivka in the east on Wednesday. Following the loss of the jets, military operations are made stronger and have approached towards the east in order to suppress the insurgents with effective results of freeing two cities in the Luhansk region from the rebels.

The Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman stated, “Those who are guilty for this terrorist act will be punished.”

This is one of the irreparable losses made to Ukraine in the form of downing the two fighter jets of the Ukrainian military. The air power of the government has been hit by the militants this time with other attacks, including blowing up a road bridge, a railroad bridge and train tracks in the city of Gorlivka.

Ukrainian forces are bringing the heads together for ensuring better security and action on the insurgents. As a recent action, Russia has increased its troop capacity, as it is stated by Andriy Lysenko, Ukrainian military spokesman. It is trying to seal the border as well, so that it could prevent weapon and fighter supply to the rebels.

A Dutch military plane, on Wednesday morning, left for the Netherlands from Kharkiv city, loading the coffins of the victims of last Thursday’s attack on jet. This flight has sent home the bodies of 298 passengers and crew members of whom the majority were from the Netherlands. The jet crashed when a Russian-made missile hit and burnt it.

A ceremony of paying solemn tribute to the dead was practiced in the presence of the Ukrainian officials and foreign diplomats at the Kharkiv International Airport. Ukraine as the country where the sad plane crash took place will be investigating first into the matter of finding the real cause of the incident. This will be followed Malaysia as the aircraft was a Malaysia registered.

EEE virus detected in mosquito of Massachusetts

The Department of Public Health officials of Massachusetts on Friday has stated that an Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEE) has been detected in mosquito basing on a sample collected in Bridgewater town. Although the risk level from the virus is moderate at present, but precautions are necessary to be taken to avoid further severe issues.

After a testing of mosquito samples, the presence of the EEE virus in the mosquito was detected by the Hinton State Laboratory Institute. The outcome of being infected by the EEE virus can be harsh as this may lead to a rare illness. Diseases that may be caused due to the bite of infected mosquito include severe ones like a sudden onset of headache, vomiting, chills and high fever. There are even risks of inflammation of the brain leading to disorientation, seizures and a possibility of coma.

Dr. Catherine Brown, DPH State Public Health Veterinarian says, “EEE is an annual occurrence in Massachusetts. These were mammal-biting mosquitoes, and the findings should remind residents of the area to cover up and apply insect repellent when outdoors.”

The disheartening news is that no particular vaccine or treatment is being invented to tackle the EEE virus. Hence, precaution is the only key to deal with this virus. However, chances are that an approximate of 33 percent EEE infected patients will die and those who survive will suffer from brain damage. So, this undoubtedly is a serious matter with the need for greater importance and precautions.

Other than Massachusetts, some other neighboring towns which too are under the moderate risk level are the towns Easton, Middleborough, Raynham and West Bridgewater. There was only one case of EEE infected last year in Massachusetts and fortunately, there are very few such cases in the US. The DPH is, however, reminding the public not to take it lightly and have requested all to protect themselves and their loved ones from the EEE virus.

Rory McIlroy, simplicity persists while cheering victory at the British Open

Wells Fargo Championship - Round One
Standing apart from the so-called stylish and attention seeking players of the new generation, Rory McIlroy is a name that comes from just so easily and pulls all the attention with the trophy in hand. Making his mark as the next big name in the golf world, McIlroy is the Boy King and the achiever who has won three major championships by the age of 25.

Rory Mcllroy, after his brilliant performance and victory at the British Open on Sunday, has made his place amongst the best players in the golf history with four other big names: Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

What Mcllroy has to say about his game is “Golf is looking for someone to put their hand up and try. I want to be that person. I want to be the guy that goes on and wins majors and wins majors regularly.”

Just as he announced, Mcllroy has all signs of proving to be the next big name in winning all major competitions. Although the 2013 British Open was not in favor of the player due to several personal upheavals he suffered from in his life, Mcllroy has lately learned to make hay while the sun shines. The aggression and calculation he showed in his Saturday and Sunday’s game is enough to judge what ambition he is with. There are even lots more on his way to win and prove his caliber in the game. A record of winning three of the past four years major contests right from his breakthrough victory in the 2011 U.S. Open at Congressional can be a sufficient instance to name. The whopping 20-under-par that Mcllroy shot in the recent competition too was more like a record.

A few of the masterstrokes that Mcllroy hit at the British Open and proved his ability include the one when he shot the par 5s of Royal Liverpool with drives of 360 yards down the middle, the one from deep in the pot on the 18th Sunday and so on. Calm in delivering the strokes and perfect in hitting the targets, Mcllroy is promising and enjoyable while in action.

Tiger Woods disappointed at his own play, willing to go off the course

British Open Golf
With repeated show of poor game, Tiger Woods has continued to be playing downward and after his Sunday‘s match at the British Open, all he wants is to leave the competition. In spite of all his efforts of showing making promising shots and posing as a competition to his fellow players, Tiger has failed in doing what he does best.

Since his return from back surgery, the British Open is Woods’ first venture and the competition seems not to be in his favor. He has been hitting misfires off the tee and the approach shots are out of order. There seems to be no pressure on the 14-time major winner but still he is continuously being a failure in the competition. Woods was seen spending much of the front nine joking around with Jason Dufner.

After loosing a 2-iron approach shot at the 10th, a disappointing par on the par-5 that was pretty easier and then a much worse shot at the 11th left Woods feeling much awful. There were other disappointing shots too which describes Woods’ poor game pretty well. Now at a position of 7-over for the championship and being placed as a player lower on the leader board, Tiger Woods is disheartened and ready to leave the championship.

The former world no. 1 started off the first round with a promising 69 and later closed with 75. The championship showed the player in a state to rather opt for rest after his March 31 back surgery. It seems that the former champion now needs more time to take rest and prepare himself for other forthcoming competitions.

Tiger Woods, by the end of his game in the championship, have settled in a much poor position near the bottom of the leaderboard at 6 over par 294.

Police suspects: Same men accused for previous Northern California bank robberies

Police suspects Same men accused for previous Northern California bank robberies
Police investigating the Northern California bank robbery case are suspecting the same robbers have done similar incidents in some other recent bank robbery cases based in the same part of Northern California. The very same branch of this Northern California bank has also undergone another robbery earlier this year.

Officer Joe Silva on Saturday said, “Investigators have been looking at that January case really hard.” There was, however, no casualty, injury or any hostage instance in the January robbery.

It was a late-January robbery that took place in the same Bank of the West before the recent Wednesday case. Police have found striking similarities between the two robberies as in both cases the armed robbers have used a bank employee’s car to escape.

Video footage also shows a dark-colored Buick sedan dropping the three armed men in front of the bank Wednesday. It dropped the three robbers armed with three handguns and an AK-47. Although the driver is wanted yet, police have found the car abandoned in about a 10-minute drive from the bank without its license plates.

The green SUV used by the robbers to escape the bank was of one of the hostages, a bank employee. Of them two hostages are injured, but alive. The third hostage who was used as a human shield is dead. The bank robbery incident was one of the most heinous of its kind leaving three dead, of whom one was an innocent hostage Misty Holt-Singh. She was a customer of the bank had dropped in just to withdraw cash or a haircut, leaving her 12-year-old daughter in her car parked outside the bank. A 41-year-old wife and a mother of two, Holt Singh’s death is mourned by brining out a candlelight vigil outside a Stockton hotel on Saturday.

Second Day of Ground Operation Uncovered Some More Cross-Border Gaza Tunnels


Battle against the Gaza militants has reached the second day of an open-ended ground operation leading to the uncovering of a dozen cross-border tunnels and a Palestinian death toll reaching 325 on Saturday.

Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said, “We have struck hard on the two main strategic assets of Hamas: the rockets and these tunnels.”

The Israeli military stated that although the arsenal of Hamas has been diminished to a satisfactory level, yet the militants are continuously firing rockets. The air attack has led to several civilian casualties including a mother and four children. A dozen of wounded people are quickly taken to a local hospital in Beit Lahiya. According to the Health Ministry spokesman of Gaza, Ashraf al-Kidra, the casualties due to the airstrikes has raised to a disturbing number of 325 Palestinians of whom many are civilians and about a fifth of them are children.

Since the fight began on July 8, about 1,600 rockets have been fired by the militants. The rocket firing continues overnight leading to an incident of targeting a residential neighborhood in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod. The rocket fire, however, caused no injury. The over all 12 days of fighting has shown 2,350 targets hit in Gaza along with 1,100 rocket launchers.

The second day showed discovery of 13 tunnels used by the Gaza militants some which are as deep as 30 meters (yards). The depth of the tunnels shows its usefulness in carrying out attacks by the militants. The military statement says that a second infiltration attempt was stopped through such a tunnel leading to the death of one militant and the other to go back to Gaza.

The ground operation was launched on late Thursday by the military following hundreds of airstrikes on the Hamas-ruled territory and major Israeli cities.

Amazon launches Kindle unlimited at $10

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) declared on Friday that its Kindle is now available with a subscription option of unlimited e-books download for $9.99 a month. It is a Netflix style service that allows the readers to browse through a library of over 600,000 e-books.

In the beginning of the week, Amazon accidentally shared a promotional video for the subscription model. Technology freaks spotted it before the company took it down from the website.

On Friday morning as the service was launched, some notable books were missing. This means the complete range of books is not available yet. The subscribers who wish to read Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” or Laura Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken” won’t be able to see them. The books with an orange “Kindle Unlimited” icon can be downloaded free.

The popular titles available are “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” Michael Lewis’s “Flash Boys,” and “The Hunger Games.”

With the new plan of action, Amazon is trying to combat with the similar service providers, such as Oyster that features a collection of over 500,000 titles, and Scribd that has about 400,000 titles. While the former charges $10 a month to access all of them, the latter gives unlimited access for about $9 a month.

Amazon takes an edge over the rivals by providing a huge audiobook library along with the e-books in the subscription service. The owner of Audible has about 2,000 digital audio titles in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon uses Whispersync Voice technology to let the subscribers toggle between digital audiobooks and e-books, without getting lost.

In the words of Russ Grandinetti, a Kindle senior vice president, Kindle Unlimited was “by far the most cost-effective way to enjoy audiobooks and e-books together.”

The Association of American Publishers revealed in a recent report that income from digital audiobooks is growing quarterly at a rate of over 24 percent.

Slow Start for Tiger Woods on Friday on Front 9

After a steady game on Thursday, Tiger Woods showed some slower pace on Friday with a double-bogey, bogey and nine consecutive pars. Woods have to look for more in the final seven holes of his Friday round of the Open.

In yesterday’s round, i.e., on Thursday, Woods started bogey-bogey and had five birdies after the turn. The same magic was expected from him today as well. But the anticipated jump start on Friday could not be materialized and Wood’s opening tee shot at Royal Liverpool was not that impressive as it should have been.

An excited Woods, after his Thursdays’ round, startled, “… I’m getting stronger, I’m getting faster, I’m getting more explosive. The ball is starting to travel again. And those are all positive things.”

However, the back surgery that Woods went through on March 31 this year seemed to have no effect on his game, but the surgery had limited his preparation for the British Open. A three time British Open winner shot a 38 on the front and is currently in an even state for the tournament.

Starting with his wild tee shot, Woods end up double-bogeying No. 1 to quickly drop to -1. This followed by him bogeying the second hole after missing a short par putt. Later on, when he parred No. 3 and 4, things came to a stable point. His shot to par on No. 5 indicated that it is going to be a tough front nine.

Later, he finished the front with a par on No. 6, did a great scramble for par on No. 7, par on No. 8 and prepared for the turn with a par on the par on 9th.

Phone calls connect separatists to Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash
U.S., Australia, Ukraine, and other foreign officials seek a complete probe and action upon the pernicious plane crash that took place on Thursday in eastern Ukraine. It took the lives of 298 people on board. Both the U.S. and Ukrainian officials opine that the Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down by a Russian surface-to-air missile from a height of 33,000 feet. The Ukraine’s government charges pro-Russian separatists for the attack. U.S. officials are still in doubt over the question: ‘who shot the plane: Russia or Ukraine’.

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for cease-fire and indulges in peace talks with Ukraine. American politicians believe that Putin is behind the attack. Several audio tapes released by Ukraine’s State Security highlight the two intercepted phone calls made between Russian separatists and the Russian armed forces. Igor Bezler, a separatist official tells the military official that the plane was shot down by his team. In the conversation, the separatists seemed shocked over the fact that it was a civilian plane. There is no evidence to verify the phone calls. In one statement, Putin said that if there were peace in Ukraine, this wouldn’t have happened.

In the words of White House press secretary Josh Earnest, “It is critical that there be a full, credible, and an unimpeded international investigation as quickly as possible”.

Michael Leiter, the former National Counterterrorism Center Director spoke on MSNBC that the investigators should come up with the results within 24 to 48 hours. If the pro-Russian separatists are found as the culprits, the Obama administration and European Union to work up on energy and banking sanctions on Russia.

Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lay asserted that the route the plane took was an internationally sanctioned one. They were not told that the path is unsafe.

America banned flights from using the route over Ukraine. In the previous week, two Ukrainian military aircraft were charged and a third was damaged.

The news agencies mentioned that Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s plane was among the many flights that were re-routed after the incident.

Robbery and Gun Battle at Stockton bank left 3 dead

A robbery that took place on Wednesday at a Stockton bank, California left 3 dead and some more injured. The incident of the heinous gun battle took place between three gunmen and police officers, resulting into two gunmen and one female hostage dead as they were chased for 45 minutes through three cities by the cops.

Police of Northern California named the violent gun firing of the bank robbery incident as “relentless” due to the brutality the gunmen opted for. The gunmen shot at 14 police cars while being chased through the three cities of Stockton, Lodi, and Acampo; also leaving bullets on the three hostages and a number of homes falling on the way.

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones states, “The gunfire on our officers was relentless. It was really one of the most dangerous, tense situations a police officer can ever go through.” For Jones the shootout and chase was “unfathomable.”

According to the police report, there were three gunmen who entered the bank after 2:00 p.m. and took three hostages at gunpoint. Two of the hostages were female employees and the other a female customer. The authorities were alerted about the robbery by a bank guard at 2:11 p.m. and the cops arrived at the location a minute later. The gunmen along with the hostages came out of the bank at 2:16 p.m. and took a green SUV that belonged to one of the hostages for escaping from the scene.

The chase and shootout session between the gunmen and the police took one year and through three cities leading to injuries of two of the hostages and the death of the third. The dead hostage is being identified as Misty Holt-Singh.

Of the three gunmen, one died on the spot at the shootout, the second died at a local hospital, while the third was conscious and is detained by police.

Microsoft to layoff 18000 employees, mostly from Nokia

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced on Thursday it will cut up to 18,000 jobs, just as it chopped its recent acquisition – the Nokia phone business by 50 percent. It aims at turning into a mobile-friendly and cloud-computing software company. It will be the largest ever layoff in the company’s 39-year history. The company’s last cut was recorded in 2009, with the loss of over 5,000 jobs.

“We will simplify the way we work to drive greater accountability, become more agile and move faster,” wrote the Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella in a public memo. Further, he said, “We plan to have fewer layers of management, both top down and sideways, to accelerate the flow of information and decision making.” The company is planning for a skimpier business.

Only a small piece of information was shared by Nadella, saying he will declare everything in detail after the company’s quarterly earnings report arrives on July 22.

A majority of the cuts will fall with the Nokia unit as Microsoft’s taking over of the Nokia business has added 25,000 people to Microsoft’s payroll. It was expected from Microsoft as the company claimed to reduce the costs by $600 million per annum within 18 months of the deal.

Microsoft has confirmed that the first wave will hit the Seattle area, with the layoff of about 1,351 jobs.

Stephen Elop, the Executive Vice-President of Microsoft’s Devices & Services business unit and the former CEO of Nokia commented that only Salo and Tampere in Finland will focus upon the phone engineering works, while the engineering related work will be reduced in Beijing, San Diego, and Oulu, Finland. Likewise, the manufacturing process will be assigned primarily to the unit in Hanoi, Vietnam with some production to be continued in Beijing and Dongguan, China. The company will wind up operations in Komarom, Hungary.

The moves of the new CEO are intended towards making Microsoft a strong rival of the Google and Apple Inc.

The slimming regime is not just the mantra of Microsoft. PC-maker Hewlett-Packard Co is also expected to curtail the number of its employees by 50,000. International Business Machines Corp will chop off about 3 percent of its workforce.